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    It would seem silly not to be in melee when you have so many more benefits to being in melee... and are still able to "ranged heal" from melee range.

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    You can perform well without fistweaving but if you want optimal performance then you will need to be using it at times. It is going to be a lot worse in 5.2 if you don't fistweave with the change to chi burst, it is the main reason I stay at range when healing with my monk right now(that and I need to get a 5 or 7 button mouse, 3 button just doesn't cut it anymore with how many skills they keep adding each expansion :/).
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    You can play...
    ... a disc priest without spirit shell ...
    More like a disc priest without smite/atonement..

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    1) Not worrying about mechanics that affect ranged players. Wind Step, Tempest Slash, Corrosive Resin, Amber Scalpel, Arcane Resonance, and many many more. They will not target you, and melee will not have to move because someone else was standing there. This is one of the biggest reasons why raids don't compose of 17 ranged DPS, less ranged = more room for the ranged that are there.
    ^My #1 reason to stay in melee range so nice not having to move away from range mechanics I feel like cheating at times.

    And you can deal damage while you heal, who doesn't like that? That extra 5-10+ mil damage you contribute can mean the kill of a boss during progression! It is part of your utility, don't let it go to waste. If you fistweave in damage multiplier fights like Elegon/Windlord, Eminence can easily be 50% or more of your total healing, which is pretty huge to let go.
    hello :3

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    To generate chi fast from range just press Soothing Mist again. You don't have to wait for the cast finishing. If you tap 3 times in a row you can generate an entire chi bar in 2-3 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xio View Post
    Thank you for the feedbacks. I have another question. I saw a lot of being in melee about generate chi faster, but with the upcoming changes at 5.2 patch, chi generation will be a priority? We just can spend chi with uplift and enveloping mist, so stay in the range will be not so mandatory?
    Blizzard not develop monks only to stay in melee I think, because if impossible to do it in PvP for example, and as Dumbfoundead said mistweaver was designed to be playable at ranged as wel.
    Patch 5.2 can bring more surprises as well. Being in melee would be a option not mandatory... I can used to do it, but as I said, I prefer stay in ranged.
    Uplift should always be one of your top 2 heals if you are healing a raid, so yes, generating chi, unless 5.2 encounters really don't have any aoe damage, should be a priority. jab is reliable and quick as opposed to any other chi generator, hence why it's better to stand in melee. Granted i was a ret paladin, so I don't have any issue being in melee, but also eminence done while jabbing/autoattacks is a smart heal that you can't get from range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccKep View Post

    You can play...

    ... a resto druid without tree form ...

    ... but why would you?
    Because I like SotF for stack fights with no heavy burst phases and constant AoE to raid, swiftmend + WG = win.

    Okay I get what you mean, just had to.
    I agree that playing a monk without fistweaving is a waste. Almost like not utilizing atonement as disc, CoH as holy, HST as restoshaman etc. No-brain mana efficient smart heals that almost never overheal.

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    How does one get your UI, that you use for you monks?

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