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    Hardest and most aggravating/annoying Boss fights you have done.

    Been fighting a boss in a game for some time now. Taking a bit of a break to cool down a bit, eat. Got curious, and didn't seem to find any threads on here so far related to it, soooo...
    If I'm wrong, feel free to link it to me, and I'll remove this.

    What is/are the hardest boss fight/s you have ever done, and have completed?

    And what is/are the most aggravating/annoying boss fight/s you have ever done?

    My personal choices would be a close tie with each other in difficulty/annoyance:

    Anubis/Nohman - Zone Of The Enders: The Second Runner
    "The Shark" Markov - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
    Braska's Final Aeon - Final Fantasy X
    Garudoriten - Megaman Legends
    Marlwolf - Megaman Legends
    Cid Raines - Final Fantasy 13
    Volvagia - Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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    I hate bosses with an instant death mechanic without warning.
    For example:
    Omega Weapon casting LVL X Death
    Yunalesca, a fight where you actually want to have the zombie status so she cant oneshot you.
    And many more

    This fights dont really require any kind of skill, just one useless try to see: oh that easy boss has an instant death mechanic. Running back to boss, Listen to talking again, Equip Counter items, Spells,...., do fight again, win. I just hate losing to easy bosses just because of this.

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    I think most annoying for me was Yiazmat in FF XII, though I didn't beat it. It is not hard, I didn't even try it but because it is just very long fight (think about hours) as Yiazmat has very high amount of HP (around 50 times more than 2nd hard optional boss + it has huge damage reduction on top of it...). And you can't really kill this boss afk with gambits up, as sometimes boss does some dirty trick (if memory doesn't lie to me - heals itself to full health), so you need to attend to actual fight.
    Braska's Final Aeon - Final Fantasy X
    For me last FF X storyline boss was quite disappointing. Mt.Gagazet cave trash was more intricate and hard (specifically Dark Flans - good luck trying to kill them if you didn't develop Auron's part of grid) than most of following bosses.

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    Ornstein & smough as a melee class in Dark Souls

    Puts any other boss in any game I've ever played to shame. Even after you've "figured out" what to do its brutally hard, demanding near perfection for the entire duration of the relatively long fight.

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    Scarecrow: Arkham Asylum. Fuck that guy. Seriously, you almost make it to the spot light, screw up, get spotted and start over again. And you have to do it 3 times throughout the game. Right now my AA playthrough is stalled until I gather the patience to get past the second Scarecrow encounter.

    Barrett in DE:HR pissed me off too. I got mad after dying to him 5 times and gave up, telling myself I'd try again tomorrow. Tomorrow turned into 3 months. I restarted the game, tried again, and beat the fucker in two tries like it was nothing. Can't explain that lol. Rest of the bosses weren't so bad. The issue with them was that they didn't fit in well with the theme of the game, but that's off topic.
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    Gyorg from Majora's Mask. Worst Zelda boss of forever. It's one of the reasons Skelington has a hard time replaying MM.

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    Brock in Pokemon Yellow. I was a child (7 years old I believe) back then and well... tactics/strategy weren't my things. Let's say this fight changed me as a person a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skelington View Post
    Gyorg from Majora's Mask. Worst Zelda boss of forever. It's one of the reasons Skelington has a hard time replaying MM.
    But Skellington, isn't the allure of the mask enough to bring you back?

    OT- I have to agree with dennisdkramer, Ornstein and Smough can truly die in a fire.

    Also Bed of Chaos if your character control isn't top-notch.

    And.... I would also say Giygas from Earthbound.
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    Sephiroth in KH1 I never managed to kill that boss, hopefully I will kill him when KH is re released for PS3.

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    try this one :

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    The 1st boss battle in Deux Ex HR.

    After stealthing and sneaking everywhere upto this point, 1st time using guns properly is on a grenade loaded meat head boss. Sucked donkeys after putting skills into steath and sneaking and playing on hard.

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    Twin Mold, 3 hearts, no fairys, no Giant's Mask, arrows only.

    That fight is a bitch and a half to do on this gimpy challenge. Mostly because it's totally random where one of them will appear, sometimes you'll be lining up your shot and just get hit from under by one of them.

    I might step it up next time and see if its possible to beat Twin Mold with sword only.

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    alma from ninja of the most difficult if not THE most difficult bosses ive ever fought in a game.

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    Lady Deathwhisper 25 man Heroic - WotLK. Those MCs f'ed my guild up for weeks.

    1st Seymour fight - Final Fantasy X. I eventually determined that the only way to beat it was to give all characters and Aeons full Overdrive bars before the fight.

    Al Mualim - Assassin's Creed. You only get one frikkin HP. If he hits you once, you start over.

    Brock & Misty - Pokemon Red/Blue. Only if you start with Charmander. Very easy if you start with Bulbasaur.

    Super Perfect Cell - Dragon Ball Z Budokai. Hits like a truck, has an extra health bar more than you, and if you get knocked down, you lose your power up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skelington View Post
    Gyorg from Majora's Mask. Worst Zelda boss of forever. It's one of the reasons Skelington has a hard time replaying MM.
    Exactly what I was going to say.

    The final boss in Rune Factory Tides of Destiny was pretty annoying too, only because, the only real way you can beat him is if you forge the legendary staff, I tried countless of times to beat him with a normal staff or normal weapons, it just didn't work in the second portion of the fight when he splits up into clones, which take a while to kill, and hit really hard, so my only real strategy in that battle without the staff was to kite them for hours and try to hit them when I could.

    It didn't work... ofc the staff makes this fight a joke and a half.

    Sindragosa was pretty annoying too, I wouldn't say hard, but a lot of it was people not doing what they were suppose to, and that fucking debuff that limits your attacks on her.
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    Few bosses from Ninja Gaiden (Emperor more so than Alma, she isn't that hard unless you miss a dash) and FFX spring to mind.

    Not aggravating or particularly hard but the Patriarch in Hell On Earth mode on Killing Floor can be pretty funny with a full group, although I generally killed myself because I'd fire the LAW missle as he suddenly appeared 2 inches infront of me.
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    Yogg Saron in Ulduar, we were a 25m guild and many of the members couldnt see the green clouds on the ground

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    Brock from pokemon yellow. My pikachu just didn't do shit to rock type.

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    Paragon from FFX-2. That dude was tricky, and that whole dungeon was a bitch.

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    pfft as if you care..
    quick time event bosses theres no point in them...

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