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    Eviscerate sound issue

    It really annoys me how quiet the sound of eviscerate is. Is there a way I can make it the same sound file as Envenom or another sound? I know you can "overwrite" the path by making a sounds/spells folder, but I have no idea with the eviscerate mpq file is named

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    ...Eviscerate has a sound effect...!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incineration View Post
    ...Eviscerate has a sound effect...!?
    i know right? I always have to focus on my energy or my combo points when I'm spamming it to see when it goes off

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    Nonsense. What's next?! Envenom has a visual effect!? Don't make me laugh.
    Visual effect of rogues do not go beyond auto attack animations; we're rogues, not mages.

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    I'm talking about the sound. I already know evis has no special combat animation.

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    I'm just mocking the fact that rogues do not have any significant visual/audial effects by design, with pathetic excuses backup said design choice.

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    People play with the sound ON?!
    holy crap, what is this ?!
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    Even if you play with sounds, wouldnt you pay attention to other stuff rather than your own? :P

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    As much fun as it is to forget what in-game sound means, let's lean away from getting too mocking (toward the game) or mocking the OP (why would we even go there?).

    I have no clue how to help you, other than pointing out you could replace the sound file entirely. Making it louder... apart from using either a file editor (and finding the volume markers? /shudder) or a music editor to change the specific eviscerate files, I don't know.

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    Whoa whoa whoa, I do this random spinny backhanded strike sometimes, isn't that enough variation? Seriously though I was unaware Eviscerate did have a sound, I knew Envenom did but that's probably because I'm so bored waiting for energy that it just jumps out at me.

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