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    [MW] Viable Challenge Mode Healer?

    Would a Mistweaver monk be able to actually complete one of these and with a decent time? With the reduction in ilvl I think that it would really hinder our overall play due to the nerfs on mana cost..

    So far I haven't heard of or seen any Mistweaver monks that have completed a challenge mode (Gold/Silver time range).

    We we just be better off going as Windwalker or Brewmaster for these until Mistweaver is kind of.. rebalanced?

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    I completed them back before the mana nerfs, with the less effective Chi generation on Soothing Mist, however Enveloping was 33% stronger (It's possible to Fistweave a bit during some packs, but the most effective and safest way by far is to stick to mostly 'Traditional' healing).

    We got some great times including world 2nd at the time Shado-Pan Monastery, and top 10 in a few others.

    I recommend getting Restorative Amber as they're by far the best way of regening between pulls (and means you can be a lot more aggressive in combat).

    Another thing that is great is a Death Knight; most notably their stuns make a lot of Challenge Modes so much easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redfern View Post
    I recommend getting Restorative Amber as they're by far the best way of regening between pulls (and means you can be a lot more aggressive in combat).
    Really? Compared to 300k mana food with the same 20s "buff?" (Coba Cola and Golden Carp Consomme)
    Soothing Mist:"Healing them for a minor amount every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action."
    Jade Serpent Statue: "The statue will also begin casting Soothing Mist on your target. healing for 50% as much as yours. "
    [What's half of minor?]
    "Statue casts Soothing Mist at a nearby ally for toddler healing."

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    Put markers on everyone and keep spamming healing spheres. On some of the longer bossfights you should probably use SM and EM instead so you won't run out of mana but apart from sha of violence, bosses are easy to heal.
    I reckon that most challenge modes you'll be able to get gold with using only healing spheres.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Really? Compared to 300k mana food with the same 20s "buff?"
    Disregard the tooltip; the amber actually gives around 300k mana in less than 10 seconds.

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    Then I tested it, it looked like "10% of mana per second + usual out of combat mana regen".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudgy View Post

    Disregard the tooltip; the amber actually gives around 300k mana in less than 10 seconds.
    I believe that got nerfed in 5.1
    I remember using this back when I was doing golds and it was incredible, only took between 3-5 seconds to go from completely oom to fully topped off.
    I didn't have any problems healing CMs on my MW (at least none that any other healer wouldn't have).
    I absolutely definitely would not recommend fistweaving for it though.

    this was a little while back. we're no longer US1 (held it for like 3 weeks though, almost a month)
    but two healing monks in top 13 world, so they're definitely viable

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    We completed our gold runs last week with the 5.1 nerfed mistweaver monk and it was fine. The playstyle I used is kinda derp, spam myself oom on every 2nd pack and get mana back with retorative ember during aoe stuns. (we used warrior tank, mw healer, lock, mage, boomkin setup for our challenge modes)

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    This is a question for Mistweavers who have achieved gold ranks after the 5.1 nerfs. Are you eminence healing ever? Is it possible to SCK to help aoe down packs faster or is the tank going to die if I stop channeling into him specifically?

    The group we plan to begin our runs with next week is:

    Tank: Brewmaster Monk
    Healer: Mistweaver Monk
    Dps: Elemental Shaman, Frost Death Knight, Survival Hunter

    Our BrM tank has incredible self and group heals with guard, chi wave, etc. I would be able to help on the dps if possible to help plough through tougher trash pulls. I am specced into leg sweep to help keep the trash pulls stunned for as long as possible.

    So my major questions:

    ~Will I have time to help on the dps if the tank helps out on the heals? Keep in mind all three of our dps are high and our tank's dps is beast as well.
    ~Should I spec into RJW or Xuen? Xuen would most likely prove to be more beneficial to use for boss fights and occasional trash pulls to help on dps, but would RJW be more useful since I could use it more on trash pulls?
    ~We plan to start our attempts with Jade Temple first. Any tips you could give to me specifically for that particular dungeon as a Mistweaver?

    My armory is here if it helps to see what I am reforging in/out of:


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    It's viable, but holypaladins are pretty strong for it imo. I've done like 6 or 7 gold CM's as MW so far. But obviously It would have gone a lot smoother for a holypaladin rather than a monk.

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    I think I only fistweaved at the 1st boss of Niuzao temple, but spammed Jade lightning in most of my freetime on bosses. On trashpack I rarely used any offensive abilities, a few times rolled in for an aoe stun when both my locks and warriors stuns were on cd. I used Xuen, he is a kinda manaeffective aoe heal, and while he's out you are free to dps on most of the "not so hard hitting" bossfights.

    For Temple of the Jade Serpent the whole instance is about the 1st pull imo, if you practice it you should have your gold, also dont forget the mechanics on the 2nd boss, dont make them immune. (even tho we fucked it up on our run and sit like 10 seconds there we still got our gold) The sha trashpacks are kinda tricky, the little ones aoe silence every1 near them, so try to outrange them as much as you can. I recommend using the gold guides made by Marza, he made a video with commentary for every single challenge mode. Dont follow them blindly, but you can get a basic strategy that you can develop further for your own setup.

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