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    Tips for monks in challenge modes

    Hiya, starting doing CMs in earnest last night and I'm looking for a few tips.
    This isn't so much about party composition or zone information as I think these are covered pretty comprehensively here. This is more about optimising my monk.

    Our initial run through Niuzao got to General Pa'valak and had me as dps with our druid healing but we're going to swap things around and I'm going to try healing for the next run. Though any tips for any spec would be great!

    This my current setup as MW - any thoughts? As I wasn't initially going to heal it isn't optimised.

    Things to do;
    1. Replace any normal gems with perfects - do CMs require any different stat weighting to heroics? Melee keeps expertise and hit weightings do healers keep spirit?
    2. Upgrade the weaker enchants - again I'd guess this has a benefit regardless of the ilvl downscaling?
    3. Restorative amber - this still the consumable of choice? We had banquets, dps pots and invis pots.
    4. Talents and Glyph pointers? Obviously going to remove glyphed jab - was just trying to 'acclimatize' myself to the nerf but I'll take any benefits I can, while I can for this.
    5. Play style - guessing fistweaving isn't going to be optimal for this!

    For most of our group this our first time in a challenge mode and we spent 4 hours wiping to those ridiculous trash packs. Have to say I've not had as much fun in WoW in a long time, the sense of achievement in overcoming the obstacles was better than any raid - if you haven't tried them yet go for it!

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    Hey, I recently managed to get all 9 Golds as a Mistweaver, so I might be able to give you some help regarding that spec. First of all, gems and enchants don't get scaled down, so they're pretty important. Gemming for spirit is the way to go, although it's fine to aim for some socket bonuses as you did. You should also reforge from mastery to crit, because it does not only mean more healing output, but also more mana regen, which is very important. Restorative amber is definitely the way to go because it regenerates mana twice as fast and doesn't break once you enter combat. Which talents you use depends on your setup and the way you want to go through them. I myself found Chi Torpedo for example to be very effective since I was often behind to regenerate mana and with Chi Torpedo I closed the gap to the group and healed them up aswell, but maybe your group will need the extra damage of xuen, that's something you'll have to find out yourself.

    In general, healing challenge modes is mostly about healing your tank through big trash pulls because the bosses themselves are mostly pretty easy. Before starting with challenge modes, I read someones' statement saying: "If you repeatedly die to a group, there's a way to rotate cooldowns so that you survive." And this is absolutely true, always think of which cooldowns you use. For example, Ele Shamans, Shadows and Moonkins have strong cooldowns which heal when they deal damage, if you have one of them in your group, use them! Then there are your own cooldowns, Life Cocoon is very powerful if you cast an Enveloping Mist directly after but also remember Thunder Focus Tea, you won't use it to refresh RM in Challenge Modes, but it's useful to get a Surging Mist with doubled healing which is nice burst healing. Stuns and interrupts are also very important, so call out in Vent who does what at which time.

    Also, try to find out where you are able to save mana tea charges for later. If there's a boss who doesn't need much healing, then try to stack some mana tea up and reg with Restorative Ember, it's good to be prepared for some situations. Sometimes you will need to flash your tank up and that's really our weaknees since Surging Mist costs so much mana, so have some mana tea for these situations is quite an advantage.

    Good Luck with your Challenge Modes!

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    I've finished all golds more than once and I always played as MW, here are the tips I can give you!:
    1. Do not go for the sha touched gem as I did on my old raid finder wep, The gem won't stack in there and doesn't give you any benefit at all. And statweight, go for some spirit, I did not change anything about my gear and I did fine .
    2. I went with windsong and the cheap enchants (Don't ask me why) Since I didn't have any good weapon nor a good wrist to get the super intellect enchant. But yes, It does help
    3. Restorative Amber, YES! This helped me and my group alot! It regens full mana in 10 sec (even though tooltip says 150.000), And just make a cancelaura macro for it and you should be fine!
    4. The talents you have atm seems fine IMO, Xuen is nice for the dps and for the healing on some bosses, about glyphs though, I'd change the uplift glyph and go for Renewing mist / Mana Tea / and spinning crane kick or zen meditation glyph!
    5. I did not fistweave during challenge modes, but I did keep my Serpents Zeal up when I had Xuen up (not 100% but yea).
    6. Don't be afraid to waste mana, but keep some up at all times incase of emergency! So Soothing mist and then a few surging mists on the tank will be necessary from time to time.
    7. Don't start with Siege! It's one of the most annoying ones Imo, go for Temple of the jade serpent or Scarlet halls (but now when you've started you might aswell finish it!).
    8. If there's anything else you want to know, just PM me

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    Do set bonuses work at all in CMs? for example is it worth keeping the gloves for [Reduces the mana cost of your Surging Mist spell by 10%] or is it better to drop them for a 476 with a gem slot?

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    Setbonuses doesnt work. So go for the best items.
    Kamatari - Endy - Liita

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    I've done them all both as WW and MW and didnt realy do anything but using Surging Mist Alot more.

    thats REALY mana heavy so thats why my only tip for you is to get some http://www.wowhead.com/item=89230 (Restorative Amber - The Klaxxi Honored).
    Give you full mana in about 5sec and wont break if your group pulls a group or boss.

    With this item you are allowed to spent alot more mana without the feeling you pulling your group behind coz you get it back so insane fast..

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    As the others said before restorative amber is key as mistweavers. Also dont hesitate to spam your mana out if you need it to survive, and dont be afraid to use either coccoon or revival on trashpacks, trash is the real enemy there.

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