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    World Edit help. Need Grass.

    How to I get world edit to place grass blocks on the ground in a straight line like this

    http://imgur.com/B7LuM (This was done by hand)

    Not this

    http://imgur.com/tjdpr (Done by world edit)

    41 views and no posts? Screw you guys I figured it out myself.

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    Select 2 edges using the wooden axe, then write /set 2.
    If you want to add some natural tallgrass on top of something, select 2 points and write /overlay 15%tallgrass:1,85%air.
    I've made a little guide on worldedit incase you wanna know some more things.

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    If you have installed Single Player Commands with WorldEdit, you can stand at the first corner and type "//pos1", then move to the second corner and type "//pos2".
    Then you can type "//set 3". Three (3) is the ID for grass or it might be Two (2). I always have trouble getting the axe to work. You can also delete whole 3D areas by using "//set 0".

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    Oh, if you want tall grass, just hit the grass with some bonemeal.

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    For selections, you can use the wooden axe to leftclick a block for point 1, rightlick for point 2, and you can write //pos1 to select your position for point 1 and //pos2 for point 2, and you can also write //hpos1 to select the block you are looking at (it's like a long range wooden axe) and //hpos2, it really helps making a powertool of //hpos1 and //hpos2 (powertool is a part of essentials, you write /pt /hpos1 for example and you click with a block instead of pasting the command into the chat).
    You can change the selection type with for example /sel cyl, the the selection becomes a cylinder instead of the standard cube selection.

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