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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinister Knight View Post
    I see the paladin T15 and think "Look at my crotch, see it glow? LOOK AT IT GLOW!" S13 isn't bad, really tough to beat the end of Cata one though.
    Yeah, at the end of Cata when I took a look at the S11 set I was like: "I don't PvP, but I'm willing to just for the set! It just looks way too badass to pass up"
    It kind of sets the bar for higher expectations for future sets & S13 is just... "Did they mess up the Warrior set with ours?"
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    I'm not too fond of either sets. Tier 15 just makes me scratch my head with the glows in all the right places. S13 looks like it should belong to warriors and their spinny shoulder blades of doom.

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    Hating the season 13 gear, tier 15 is pretty bad too. I'm kinda tired of the look they've been using for plate boots lately. I want the big bulky boots back

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    Hate them both. Do not fit with how we should look, at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Runewrath View Post
    Doesn't matter have challenge mode set.
    This. It's really grown on me; now we just need them to relax the restrictions on weapon types for the ultimate matchy-matchy. And allow legendary xmog.

    Also...real Runewrath? If so, hai!
    Quote Originally Posted by Malthanis View Post
    We'll all be appropriately shocked/amazed when Nairobi actually gets an avatar, but until then, let's try to not derail the thread heckling him about it.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    If it was that easy don't you think we would have figured that out? (Source)
    20k and counting...

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    Don't care about S13 as I'm not doing pvp and they are always ugly as hell, but really like T15 on my female Drenei, much more interesting then bland T14.

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    blizzard actually meant to give the fuzzy wuzzy bear set to paladins and they accidentially ended up with warrior's s13

    that's what i think
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    They're really trying to be creative with the belts, but the T15 one just looks like a glowing fannypack :F The detail and concept is super cool, just the final look imo is swing & a miss.

    S13 though, can rot as is Paladins are glittery holy warriors, not D3 barbs. Whatever happened to the progressive look they tried to espouse in LK/Cata?

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    I just don't like the overwhelming size of the helmet / shoulders. The glowing orb on the belt looks pretty silly too. I think they could do dimension and such way better with layers rather than just making things huge in size. The t15 just looks way too top heavy to be anywhere near usable.

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    I don't think it's terrible, I like the blue/green versions. Not sure if I'll show it or not, depends on how it looks on female belfs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumineux View Post
    I don't think it's terrible, I like the blue/green versions. Not sure if I'll show it or not, depends on how it looks on female belfs.
    Female belfs should look good because the shoulders won't look so gigantic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winterstrife View Post
    Well I was looking forward to being able to add another set to my transmog collection but I guess I'll pass this tier/season ><
    I'm not really impressed with either of the armor, looks pretty 'meh' compared to the previous tier/season.
    What do you guys/gals think about it?
    Need a 4th Poll option called I'll transmog instead.
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    Can you imagine if someone insulted you in a thread, you reported it, and I told you "sorry, wrong thread to be butthurt"?

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    God bless Trasmog. Pve wise, Lightbringer set as Prot pally will remain my choice.
    As the ones that point out about crotch: think about when you have to piss during night. It helps. A lot.

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    T15 is like, Hey baby, wanne see my 3th nut? It has sparkles like the dude in twilight!
    Season 13 is something I dig though. It looks brutal, but also has some finesse to it.
    Blade of light much?

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    not really feeling it, just doesn't seem very paladin-y to me

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    The pvp set is ok but tier set is bad once again. I transmogged out of T14 because it was ugly and unfinished. Some models were actually T13 cmon now.

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    I think they managed to put the ugliest tier and arena set in a very long time together, so gotta give blizzard props for that.

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    t15 is okay, better than some sets in the past.... but S13 on the other hand is disgusting.

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    My thoughts??
    Season 13 is acceptable but the Tier 15 is one of the most ridiculous sets I ever see in WoW...We need more simplicity in the design, the armor in the character creation is ten thousand better then this alien shit that they call tier 15.

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    The T15 is horrible. Looks like it should be hunter gear with the scaly legs.

    S13 looks a bit better on female characters. I really wish they would get rid of that big spike on the shoulders though.

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    They always seem at a loss with Paladin tier. If anything I'd say the warrior tier with it's golden leg plates and what not are more fitting paladin than this strange arse electrical orb thingy. Of course I can imagine the concept art looked awesome as it so often does ... and what happened to this "secondary animation" capability? All we've really seen are the Monk belts, where are the chains and other attachments that were mentioned at Blizzcon. And where are that librams ... and I don't mean some dodgy belt buckle, I mean proper Arthas human model style librams. I'd even settle for new boot, glove and "skirt" models, there is certainly a human model in the files with a geoset that looks like the "mini-skirts" that Jin'yu wear. That would frankly look pretty awesome as paladin armor.
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