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    Upgrade Help: Light of Cosmos (N) VS Relic

    I am an arcane mage, i already upgraded my weapon. I just wanted to know what is the next option for me to upgrade in ??

    the light of cosmos, relic, or another item ???

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    It depends on what other items you have, but usually trinkets will provide the next most DPS upgrade after weapon, followed by Chest/Legs/Head.

    As for which of the two to upgrade, it depends. If you are going Mastery, Relic is better. If you are going Haste, LotC is better.

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    upgrade the relic, you won't replace it until Sha of Fear heroic.

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    It depends on if youre going haste or mastey build and on if youre close to killing Elegon HC. If youre going haste build and are not close to Elegon HC, upgrade LotC if youre either going mastery of close to elegon HC upgrade Relic.

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    LotC-n is the higher of the 2 according to Ask mr robot? and if your build is haste it makes sense to bump LotC up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aspex View Post
    LotC-n is the higher of the 2 according to Ask mr robot? and if your build is haste it makes sense to bump LotC up.

    You will replace light of the cosmos with the heroic version MILES ahead of replacing the relic which is by the sha trinket HEROIC only. ( don't replace with the normal version )

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    First relic, wait to have light of cosmos heroic version

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    normal mode sha 2/2 trinket is ahead of 2/2 dmc
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    Light of the Cosmos is NOT BIS

    Look at Simcraft results and do the fundamental scaling math (this is a general announcement)

    The BiS N/HC Trinkets are:

    EOT HC 2/2
    EOT N 2/2
    DMC 2/2

    Only use LOTC HC Trinket if you don't have either DMC or EOT or you have LFR EOT.

    The haste procc far outvalues the static haste on LOTC for various reasons:

    - The higher your gear level increases the better you scale with intellect which pushes DMC upgraded very high
    - Even if the procc on LOTC is slightly higher than DMC the static 1k+ Intellect from DMC will scale off into all your damage vs. the static haste which permits a little more mastery through reforging
    - If you use LOTC over DMC the mastery reforging is never as good as the static Intellect loss
    - The LOTC procc is based off dots and if you are using NT, if it does not procc and if EOT doesn't procc you push out an extremely delayed and poorly prepared burst

    All the above holds true for arcane.

    Lastly, why do I mention the haste problem. If you are a Troll, you should not go past 3967 haste because with 3967 haste you get:

    +2 Ticks LB / +5 Ticks NT outside of Berserk/Lust
    +Cover all extra ticks during Lust & Berserking (I don't remember the exact amount of the ticks off the top of my head)
    +With all CDS and EOT procc you sit at 0.96scast on AB which leads to GCD CAPPING and more haste is simply not a dps gain (simm it and practice it!)

    Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by spaace View Post
    normal mode sha 2/2 trinket is ahead of 2/2 dmc
    No it isn't. Relic is only replaced by the heroic sha trinket, not the normal version.

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