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    Question regarding base stats of both race and class

    Hey there.

    Before I begin, I'm using http://www.wowpedia.org/Race for reference.

    So I play a tauren warrior, and am considering going undead because I really like the idea of Touch of the Grave racial. The thing is, I'm wondering how these base stats, as seen in the link, scale to 90.

    It does scale in some fashion because standing in town 100% naked with no buffs at all, I have 211 strength. Now that chart says Tauren level 1 have 25 base strength and additionally, warriors have +3 base strength. Since 28 STR =/= 211 STR, that leaves me wondering: What will I lose switching from tauren??

    I've seen where it's implied that a level 1 tauren and a level 90 tauren (priest for example, since they have 0 STR scaling) would have exactly 25 strength regardless, which would mean extra ~180 str is scaling via the CLASS bonus and not the RACE bonus. (To further increase the odd question, the chart shows tauren as having +15 int, and warriors having +0 int, but standing naked again, I have 35. Not sure how that is.)

    On a side note I'm also interested at looking at meters/logs to see just how effective touch of the grave is, but am having a hard time finding a way to locate logs based on that alone. Any help would be sweet!
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