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    Targetting different totems and using throw?

    So guys, I play a warrior and I PvP. I'm trying to get used to the whole macros save lifes and what not and I wanted to know if you guys new a macro that I could use for what I want to do.

    Say a shaman has Spirit Link Totem/Healing Tide totem up along with a capacitor at the same time, Is there a way to target the spirit link with priority over the capacitor but if only a capacitor is up it will target the capacitor?

    I would really like to have only one macro for this to saved keybinds and bar space.

    Any tips??

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    u have to target and kill them manually
    sorry forgot to add, best bet is to make a mouse over throw macro

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    I find it really hard to mouse over or even click target totems most of the time because of the clutter of characters, other totems.

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    people used to be able to hit 1 button and their pet could kill totems in any order they specified in the macro, shamans cried for a long time and it finally got nerfed

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