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    My journey to lose weight!


    My name is James and I am 26 years old. I have had enough of my lifestyle
    and have decided to lose weight. I currently weight 230lb and wish to lose
    ATLEAST 50 pounds within the next 5 months which is when i am getting worried.

    Has anyone had any exp here losing weight?
    any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    Wrong forum

    Use the fitness board.

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    Hello James,

    The next few posts that will show up, probably even some while I'm typing this, will advice you to eat special stuff, follow X amount of crazy diets and/or other things.
    But let me be completely honest, if you want to loose weight there's no shortcut. It took a long time to put it on, and it's gonna take dedication to loose it again.

    Wanna loose weight? Eat less.
    Wanna loose weight faster? Eat less and do cardio.
    Wanna loose weight even faster? Eat less, do strength training and do cardio.
    Muscles require more calories to function than fat do, so strength training will not only benefit you while you work out but also while you rest.

    Whatever comes after this post about using X shortcut to get a result, don't do it.
    Eat healthy, be active, loose weight.

    From doing the above I lost 20 kg. or roughly 44 pounds in 4 months and packed on quite a lot of muscle.

    Usually this is where I should say good luck but instead I'll say this: Don't give up, you got this!
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    www.simplyshredded.com - awesome nutrition facts and tips by some of the worlds most credited nutritionists and fit people.

    I'm 24, I used to eat too much and exercise too little.

    I didn't really change much but my diet, I'm definitely being more active now, but not a lot more than before, yet I was able to shed 15kg during January by making changes to my diet.

    Day 1 - extremely few carbs (potatoes, rice, pasta, white bread etc.), tons of proteine (Poultry/Tuna), 4-5 meals

    Day 2-5 - few carbs, lots of proteine. 4-5 meals

    Day 6 - Refeeding day - lots of carbs, healthy carbs (wholegrain bread etc.), eating whatever I want for dinner (Tacos, lasagna, stews etc.).

    I went from 150kg or so, to 134.3kg after the end of January, and my weight is still dropping like a rock.
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    Lost 40kg here during the last 5 months, i was 124kg before and now 84, how you ask?

    I didn't change much, i didn't do sports at all before and i still don't. What i did change is the amount i eat, what i eat and when i eat.
    Back when i was fat i didn't eat a breakfast, i ate my first thing every day around 11am. Also i used to snack regularly, that is the real killer (crisps, chocolate etc).

    Now i hardly ever snack, strangely few months back i couldn't go without snacks, but then i forced myself to stop eating them and now that i am used to not eating them i have totally no desire to eat snacks at all, when i am hungry i rather eat a sandwhich or something.

    Also i started eating a healthy breakfast everyday which really seemed to help.

    Lastly i changed the amount of food i eat. I really eat a lot of precooked meals (the ones you just have to microwave), i used to eat 2 boxes of 400gr each, then i just started slowly eating less and less. Nowadays 1 400gr box is more than enough for my dinner.
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