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    [Resto] Harder to play and weaker than other healers?

    Hello druids. Two weeks ago, I started raiding MSV normal as a resto druid. My guild wanted to do all the bosses using a two healer setup: Me and a resto shamy. Since I was still new to the resto mechanics when we began, I did not know how to efficiently manage my mana, so I ended up oom-ing when the bosses were on low HP. Still, a few CDs and mana potions saved the day and we did 4/6 last week. This week, we killed Elegon and Will of the Emperor and completed MSV.

    In my opinion, I invested 150% of what I can(I'm a decent healer, not a great one) and still did worse than my shamy companion. My hps ranged between 40-55k, while the shamy easily passed 50k on every fight with a heroic weapon. I know HPS is a poor way to compare healers, but my heals simply felt weak and insufficient for the damage the raid received. At Elegon, I struggled to heal the raid in time for sparks incoming damage, and Will of the Emperor was the worst. My raid wiped two times because I was OOM when the bosses dropped below 15%. I blanketed the raid with LB and used innervates at 85% and stuff, but my tank heals were so weak that I had to insert three regrowths before combos to heal my tank. I kept rejuv on both and only Swiftmended mine. Here's my armory:

    I know there's things I can improve with my gear, but I did not notice a big improvement after I got into LFR with my 463 loot and got epics. My tank heals are pitiful, and there is nothing I do better than the shamy, save for my quicker reflexes. I played resto and Hpala in WoTLK, and I used to be one of the best healers with those, even at lower item levels. Maybe I only have to adjust to the resto playstyle, but so far, I am not impressed. My tank almost died when I popped Tranquility. Why does a raid CD tick for such a pitiful amount? Even a healing potion is better, for it's an instant 120k HP...

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    Druid healing is different slow steady heals rather than health toping spells still druids can manage to be decent tank healers

    1.- Keep harmony buff 100% (+10% healing)

    2.- Always keep LB on the tank.

    3.- For damage spikes NS+HT, Swiftmend, ironbark,

    4.- use healing touch on Omen of clarity procs (time allowing)

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    I already do everything you said Soullord, but it's not enough for Will of the Emperor, where both tanks take a lot of damage. NS+HT and Ironbark can only be used once per three/four bursts of damage, and NS+HT is not what it once was. Because resto druids don't favor crit at all, Regrowth is the better option for healing. But hey, we all get lucky from time to time and get a HT crit...

    The OOC procs is what I hate about the druid class. Our mana regen is poor compared to other healers because of this crap. I'm not sure if it's a bug or just poor coding, but it sometimes procs 3 times in less than 2 seconds, and I get no OOC for more than one minute afterwards. How can I be a decent tank healer if I use everything I have and still not be enough?

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    1) Gear: Jade Spirit enchant helps a lot with mana, not sure about others since you're in balance spec.

    2) The reason resto druids don't favor crit is because of the regrowth crit bonus, you already have a high crit rate and it can be made 100% with a glyph. If you're really having trouble keeping a tank up, considering glyphing your regrowth.

    Tank healing is just regrowth, rejuv, LB, and swiftmends.

    3) You're going to have to let the shaman really top the raid (healing rain). You can swiftmend a tank if he stands in it, or use it on the raid. Wild growth yourself (standing in the middle) of course, but other than that and putting rejuv's on soakers you really can't do much raid healing.

    4) Accept that druids right now are pretty underpowered as a class when it comes to on-demand healing which so much of this x-pac revolves around

    - oh yeah, tranquility is a slow spell when it comes to it, it only really is good for raid. since there's a HOT component I wouldn't use it to keep up a tank on Will (*very* hard hitting bosses).

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    On my RDruid, I have over 8000 spirit and still feel a bit low. Some people run with less, but I like having the option to throw up Rejuvs more consistently.

    Resto is definitely hard, but it'll get better when you're gear improves. Upgrading the off-hand, the trinkets, and the neckless (that has hit on it) would really help.

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    You can bring resto druids unless you care about progress.

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    and yet top guilds are clearing heroic modes with druids on their roster....

    Druids could use a few buffs but that isn't reason to reroll.

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    My druid has over 8000 spirit and it is the only way I do not run out of mana running the new raids. I think we need to get a buff and take out the stupid mushrooms that dont really do to much or have it do when we cast it it has a bigger circle/hits more targets/and places all three in a circle fashion. Right now it takes too long to place it and doesnt really do enough to justify using them imo.

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    Firstly, if 'your' tank is dying, tranquility is not going to save them. It's a raid wide CD, and it does take a couple of seconds to ramp up.

    Secondly, for Will, you should be rolling hots on both tanks. LB stacks on the one you're assigned to (if you are being assigned one). Then Swiftmends and free Regrowths should keep him up. If not, you have NS HT and non-free Regrowths to fall back on. If he's still struggling, give him ironbark, and ask him if he's using CDs during the gas. Also, if he's constantly getting hit with the cleaves, then that's not your fault.

    Sooooo many missing enchants and gems and reforges. You didn't just get those items, you've had them for over a week at least.
    Too much haste. A lot of that is wasted.

    I would go back and put a few mins into properly sorting out your gear before you start complaining that you can't heal very well.

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    it feels that druid healing needs a larger ramp up than others. Paladins can just throw instants and be done with it.
    But resto drood has to put lifeblooms on, thats 3 gcd and rejuvenation, then heal a 2 second regrowth and so forth.

    I play pvp on my druid tho so its harder to keep lifeblooms up in there, but if they drop (which is the supposed effect) it takes 3 gcd to get em back up, even in pve.

    Cant say more im not enough experienced.

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    in pve those 3 LB GCDs happen before the pull, and ideally, never again.

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    @Asharia: very good points. I forgot to equip my resto gear, as I did dailies before logging out and used my balance spec, obviously. I don't use tranquility to heal tanks. It's mostly to help my shamy companion deal with raid healing when the first Titan gas hits. I use ToL for the second one and another tranquility whenever it comes off the cooldown if the soft enrage hits. I already do everything you said for the tanks on Will of the Emperor, but the freakin Omen of Clarity has a weird proc and sometimes, it just refuses to proc for a good 30-40 seconds. And when it does, it procs like 3 times in quick succession.

    My 10 man raid does not have the 5% haste buff, so I wanted to aim for the breakpoint. It's kind of hard to do so in my current gear though...Anyway, gear is not always what makes healers shine. I healed ulduar 10 with a shamy that had like 5 epics and rest blue gear until Freya. It was very hard, and the raid itself had Naxx 10 gear at that time, but it was definitely doable. Gear made a huge difference for that shamy in WoTLK. For this druid, I feel that my heals are still lagging behind, no matter the enchants and fancy gear I get.

    Thank you everyone for your posts. You've been most helpful. I'll probably create another thread for advice on how to properly enchant/gem my druid(As I said, I'm new to resto healing). I only wanted to know what the other druids think of the resto spec. It just seemed awkward to do everything in my power skill-wise to heal and still have lesser geared palas and that shamy best me.
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    "For this druid, I feel that my heals are still lagging behind, no matter the enchants and fancy gear I get."

    Which is not an excuse to not get things gemmed and enchanted. No meta in your helm?? Come on....

    Move haste to 3043. Lose the rest. try balancing spirit and int so that you have enough regen to get through fights but not so much that you're gimping throughput. I mean, if you gemmed with the Revitalizing meta you'll gain 432 spi putting you at 9k. If your issue is that your heals aren't hitting hard enough consider regemming some of that haste to int or a gem that combines int with another stat (i.e. look at orange or green gems for those yellow sockets). Put Major Int on the OH and ideally go get Inscribed Red Fan for the OH

    Too, the raid can't put a lot of unnecessary pressure on you by being bad. Tanks should be using defensive CDs when they know a damage spike is coming in, DPS can't stand in stuff to get one more cast off, etc.
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    Our resto druid, shaman and holy paladin are pretty much equal with eachother.. varying here and there depending on the fight. If you play your class well, you'll be fine.

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    Druids are weaker right now, I forgot who linked the 10 man T-14 charts but druids were 2nd to last...we are weak.

    Now, We are not BAD by any means, In the right hands the class can do wonderfully..but that does not change the fact that our heals are weaker.

    We are not holy priests and click one spell to do 950 Trillion HoTs at the start of a fight but we can DEFINITELY use a buff in healing.

    You know something is wrong when alot of top Cata druids quit to play Monks,priests and pallys

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    Firstly, I don't agree at all about druids being underpowered. I raid 10 man's and regularly beat a shammy and a priest. I won't mention our pally cos the sod is OP. If you know how to get the best out of your class, you will do well.
    Just checked your armoury. Weapon and helm umgemmed, no belt belt buckle (so another missed gem).
    You want a real easy free tip on how to get better? Stop gimping Your druid like this. It's lazy. It involves no skill.
    Second, and it's bit tougher. I would drop herbalism. It's raid perk is rubbish. Leatherworking does it for me with the wrist enchant, especially as the normal enchant is expensive.
    Until you have optimised, you cannot even start to look further into yer healing problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asharia View Post
    Firstly, if 'your' tank is dying, tranquility is not going to save them. It's a raid wide CD, and it does take a couple of seconds to ramp up.
    Tranq heals 5 targets, not the whole raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babytaco View Post
    Tranq heals 5 targets, not the whole raid.
    I meant it's supposed to burst heal several people at once, not save a tank from dying

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    Druid is the easiest healer to play, period. You don't have to be in a stance (chakra), you don't have to worry about extra resources (chi, holy power), you don't have to worry about debuffs blocking your abilities (weakened soul, forbearance), you don't have quirky mechanics like needing a riptide to bounce your chain heal off to get improved healing, you don't spend significant time chain casting the same person, you simply fire and forget hots.

    We are underpowered, but not enough to cause someone to HAVE to reroll. I'm 11/16H and expect to have Empress down this week, all done with a relatively undergeared druid (490 ilevel) compared to the rest of my guild ~495-500 ilevel. I don't expect to have to play another class to clear 16/16H.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxvla View Post
    Druid is the easiest healer to play, period.
    Druid is the easiest healer to play, period
    Druid is the easiest healer to play, period
    Oh the urge to call you a moron............

    Have you seen monks by any chance? Have you seen holy priests by any chance?

    And you say DRUIDS are the easiest? Fucking idiot, Damnit I said it anyway

    There's no need to insult someone because you disagree with them. Infracted.
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