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    It doesn't involve any casts. Hence the one shot wording otherwise it would be easily countered. I already told what abilities were used so you can see he didn't cast anything. And if he uses PoM he can insta Arcane Blast.
    Can't tell if you're doing a well done troll or if you're serious. First you say you got one shot by a 150k damaging ability and now you are sayign that it wasn't a one shot because there were other abilities. Then you say he didn't use any cast abilities but earlier you stated he used frost bomb, which is a cast ability lol.

    And the fact that you and the other db are focusing on my wording just shows what you're here to do. So have a nice day and gtfo.

    To the rest, man you should start reading more than the title.
    I have 63% PvP Resiliance as a Resto Shaman and 460k hp so no I don't have 150k hp and yes I got crited by 144k by a mage following other high crits with frost bomb and arcane barrage.
    If you have 63% resil it's kinda hard to believe that you actually got hit by a 150k arcane barrage... not to mention you said you got one shot in the original post and now you are saying you are essentially saying you got one shot "following other high crits" lmao.

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    I find this hard to believe and 150k wouldn't even be that much to be honest. I'm a full epic pvp geared shaman and warriors hit me for that ammount with an heroic/deadly strike twice in a single gcsd.

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