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    Question [Help] Resto Druid Clique setup

    Hello everyone,
    As my first healer class, I've decided to go with a resto druid as they seem the most interesting to me. I've chosen default raid frames + Clique as my main healing addons. My question was, can some of you experienced healers post your keybind setup for Clique? Mine seems totally out of wack and know there are more efficient setups out there. Also, I only use my mouse buttons for Clique(right, left, middle, up+down scrollwheel + modifiers). I can really use all the help I can get, Thanks again.

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    This is mine I haven't really looked much into what anyone else is doing with it but i do pretty well I rank fairly regularly.

    For the basics

    No modifier + Left click = target
    No modifier + right click = lifebloom
    Shift + left click = swiftmend
    shift + right click = Rejuv
    Alt + left click = regrowth
    alt + right click = NS + HT
    Mousebutton4 = dispel

    I use a World of Warcraft mouse and I have IB and Innervate and some other stuff bound on it but its not really important.

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    Left Click Rejuv
    Alt+Left Swiftmend
    Shift+Left Innervate
    Alt+Shift+Left Target unit
    Right Click Lifebloom
    Alt+Right Regrowth
    Shift+Right Dispel
    Alt+Shift+Right Dropdown menu
    Button 4 Nourish
    Alt+Btn 4 Healing Touch
    Shift+Btn 4 Nature's Swiftness + HT
    Alt+Shift+Btn 4 Any special ability I need a binding for
    Button 5 Wild Growth
    Alt+Btn 5 Trinkets
    Shift+Btn 5 Battle Res/Regular Res macro
    Alt+Shift+Btn 5 Iron Bark

    Any other abilities I use I have keybinds for (Tranquility, Tree of Life, Mushrooms, etc).

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    Really it doesn't matter what other people have. Either way, you're going to be lousy until you use your setup so much you've got it memorized and it's just muscle memory.

    I recently switched from lifebloomer to vudu because LB hasn't been updated in ages and no longer works and I was terrible at it for a while because I moved all my keybinds around and kept clicking the wrong stuff. Now that I have got it down though it's simple.

    Left mouse: Rejuv
    Right mouse: Swiftmend
    Middle mouse: HT
    Shift+Left: LB
    Shift+Right: WG
    Shift+Middle: Tranq
    Ctrl+Left: Regrowth
    Ctrl+Right: Dispel
    Ctrl+Middle: Ironbark
    Ctrl+Shift+Left: Target
    Left mouse on any dead target: Rebirth (in combat)/revive (out of combat)

    I don't use a timer addon so I have my CD spells (Swiftmend, NS, etc as F1, F2, F3, etc) so I can see when they're off CD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NightZero88 View Post
    Really it doesn't matter what other people have. Either way, you're going to be lousy until you use your setup so much you've got it memorized and it's just muscle memory.
    +1 to NightZero88, this is the most important thing when using click/key-bindings.
    I ran hours and hours of BG's when I started using click/key-bindings, just to learn how to properly use them without thinking.

    The only tips I can give to the original poster is to keep training your click/key-bindings once you have them setup, and to keep the most used spells as easy accessible as you can.

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    I tend to like to have similar functions require similar modifiers to make them slightly more intuitive. For example: shift+something is generally a long CD/rare-use ability; alt+something is generally a big heal; something with no modifier is generally a rotational/regular-use ability (Nourish is one exception, as I don't use it much/at all, but I've had that keybind since back when the spell was first introduced). I generally apply those rules to all healers I play. I find that consistency helps me quickly remember where my abilities are located even if I haven't played that class in a while.

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    i almost always did use: left click= nourish, middle mouse button click=swiftmend, shift+left click= lifebloom, ctrl+left click= Nature's Swiftness, ctrl+right click= healing touch, left click+middle mouse button=rejuv, shift+right click= wild growth, ctr+ middle mouse button = regrowth and Z on keyboard for dispell. well that work pretty good for me but like other have said its you, try to bind 1 or 2 spell at find and try to remember what click does what then bind more till you know them pretty well.

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