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    Corsair Vengeance 1300 Headset, any good?

    Hello MMO-Champion!

    So, my Senheisser PC150 are getting old (nearly 5 years of use), the mic cording is all messed up on the inside (my friends complain a lot that i'm always making weird and loud noises on TS/Vent, etc), and so i've decided to purchase a new headset.

    I've been looking at online stores, and i can get the Corsair 1300 for 70€, and so i have a few questions:

    - Anyone that has this headset and wears glasses (regular glasses, not those fancy gaming glasses -_-)?
    - Are they comfortable to wear during long periods (+5 hours a day)?
    - What other headsets (that are better than the 1300's) can i get in the <70€ price range?
    - Is the mic decent for online gaming (mostly for LoL, Diablo3 and WoW)?

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