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    berlin calling - did someone watch it ?

    question to germans
    are mental hospitals really that awesome in germany like in this film ? like for real ? its kind of cozy in there in my opinion. how to get there as polish citizen ?

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    kaltes klares wasser

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    I did not watch the movie, but if you describe what you saw, I'll share as much information as I can get. People are threated pretty nice here afaik.
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    I do not live in Germany but I hardly think it is cozy at a mental hospital. Have you ever been to one in real life?

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    I have worked in a mental hospital but in the drug addict section. You will meet some freddy kruegers and jasons on the road, but most people there are kind.
    I once got attacked with a kitchen knife, but luckily he missed in the action and i kicked him in the balls.

    btw, I worked there as a legal adviser for a couple of months to get some xp.

    European mental hospitals are mostly scarier in movies, but even more scarier are the irl pre-cold war hospitals, especially germany and france...
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