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    Books, cutscenes and magazines (Lore)

    So I'm quite interested in reading up on the Warcraft lore. I was directed to a list of all the books in chronological lore order, so based on that I decided to start my reading with Rise of the Horde.

    My question is those who know the chronological lore order of the books, where abouts between those books should I read a magazine/cutscene to make sure I don't miss anything out? And what magazine/cutscenes are they? Will probably take a bit of effort for someone to tell me but I would be grateful!

    Much appreciated <3

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    If you just want to know the lore, save your money. Just use wowpedia.org.

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    Not the same as reading a good book! I really enjoyed rise of the horde

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    by magazines I assume you mean the comics. I think the comics pretty much came into force around the time of the ashbringer comic and around vanilla time in wow. Carry on reading the books until the timeline comes to around the vanilla times of wow (I think cycle of hatred was around then). As for cutscenes, not sure but I think if you read the novel Arthas your then come into following the lore from WC3.


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    Cutscenes I guess are best to watch while you're playing the game. They alone don't offer much of a story. If you haven't played WC3 RoC and TFT, and you don't want to, I would watch a playthrough of it.

    I'm not sure about magazines either. You mean like the official WoW magazine? I don't think it matters much in what order you read them.

    As for books, I don't care much for chronological order, I usually read them in the order they were written.
    So I guess I would read Day of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans and The Last Guardian. They are also 3 of the best books they put out.

    What you could do is something like this.

    The Last Guardian
    Tides of Darkness
    Beyond the Dark Portal

    Those three go really well together.

    Or read Lord of the Clans and then play through WC3 RoC and TFT.

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