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    7 Players

    Just putting the feelers out there to ask any 25man guilds if they would be willing to accept 7 raiders into their ranks? Nothing hardcore, just 3 raids a week 19:30-11:30/12 server time, Wed, Thur and Sun.

    Being an average age of 25, most of us have raided since Vanilla in guilds that included TLC, Tanked and Spanked, Vision and various others. Different levels of experience, but solid as a group we have been unable to get past 4/6 HoF due to major recruitment issues and unreliable players. Because of this we feel it's time to broaden the scope a little and perhaps meld into a 25 man guild instead.

    We're all looking to raid consistently and comprise of the following classes:

    Warrior Fury
    Rogue or Warlock alt
    Druid Resto
    DK Tank/DPS
    Pally Tank

    All classes are roughly 480-495 in ilvl, but more importantly are all well played, ranking in WoL (unimportantly) and wanting to do HC content in a consistent and stable atmosphere.

    Again it is just feelers to see what the response is like, if any.

    Thanks for reading

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    Hey there.

    Contact me in-game if you like, my Battletag is Razirm#1570.

    We're a 25man Guild on Defias Brotherhood, we're 7/16hc at the moment. The guild itself has very deep origins, dating back years. I'll spare you the details unless you wish to contact us and let me bore you with a history lesson!
    We have a working Mumble server in which we could discuss things if you would prefer, in-game whispers are so overrated! I'm fairly active so getting a hold of me, especially at the weekends, is fairly easy.

    The guild website is in my Sig, as is our recruitment post if you would like to see more.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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    Hi Akumas,

    I ask you again to contact me in game because i really think that we are the guild that you and your 6 friends are looking for.

    My battle-tag: Ukura#2501

    We are recruiting exceptional players for heroic progression atm, and we think you guys have what we need!

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