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    On the risk of getting about Trion?

    (1) They have four games currently released or in production ..... Rift, Defiance, End of Nations and Warface. Of these, Defiance might be interesting it is the first time that a MMO and a television series (by the same name, on SyFy) are joined. From what I've read events on the TV show will influence the game and vise-versa. While Defiance is not my preferred genre I am very interested in seeing how this plays out.

    (2) The amount of content that Trion pumps out for Rift is truly staggering. Given that the game was released 1 Mar 2011 the first expansion pack was released on 13Nov2012, and prior to this expansion Trion released 11 content patches in those 20 months. Checkhere for a list of additions in the patches. The short list would be:
    1. multiple 20-man and 10-man raids. THese raids are in totally different settings, thus we don't have different settings of the same raid.
    2. the addition of a new zone (Ember Isle), geared to "well-geared max level toons".
    3. several modifications to PvP, sadly just like wow their pvp is still unbalanced.
    4. new pvp model -- three faction large-area "world" pvp. Think old school AV, but with three teams
    5. many enhancements and modifications to the game
    The expansion was huge, a summary of the changes are here. It should be noted that one thing that was added in the expansion is dimensions (which are totally customizable player and guild housing. WOW players have been asking that for how long now?). Some good examples of dimensions are here.
    Finally, take a look at this thread(especially post 16) for some videos of Rift gameplay.
    Vanilla had 12 content patches in the same amount of time and I would venture to say that Blizzard was around the same size if not smaller than Trion at that time. Here is the sad truth about MMOs and the stuff that comes out between launch and the first expansion. Pretty much all of the patches and the first expansion content were developed alongside the 1.0 launch and possibly was content that was supposed to go live but was not ready in time. Look at old Blizzcon footage and you will see most of the patches and TBC stuffs was slated for launch and level 60. Trion is no different. Now if they keep up this pace then you can look to Blizz and say WTF man.

    Blizzard added 5 raids and the three winged Dire Maul 5 man, Battlegrounds, The entire Silithus zone and its PvP and raids, Cross real BGs, and modifications to its PvP. They are doing the same stuff Blizz did and got no credit for back then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eskobar View Post
    You can't possibly be this stupid, you claimed the entire shaman community is arrogant with no reason for it, this guy asked why the heck you'd say that, again, with no reason for it, and that turns him into a fanboy? The hell is going on.

    This is not true, as was already stated by GC on his twitter, every DEV contributes on every class, there's no DEVs just for a class.
    I'm not this stupid, neither of you can read apparently.

    "ACCORDING TO THIS LOGIC", there is a quote. That means using Soulstrike's naive idea that GC only responds arrogantly to arrogant people and applying it to actual comments he's made. Every comment at shamans since 5.1 has been bashing people who want to be able to pvp as ele/enhance. According to soulstrike all shamans in this situation (which is a large amount) are arrogant. Now please before putting words in my mouth why don't you both actually read what was written so you don't look stupid.

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