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    MoP Question

    Hello, I made a monk a while back for the MoP trial. As it has run out, and I haven't had a subscription lately, I was wondering:

    If I resubscribe to WoW without having bough MoP, will I be able to play said monk? He is level 41, if that is even relevant. I know I won't be able to make any new monks, but I want to know If I can atleast play this one.

    I have already made and played on this character with the trial.
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    No, you must have MoP to play the new class.

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    You can roll Pandaren apparently, but you'd need MoP to play monk.

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    Just so it's clear, having made the character already doesn't matter. The monk will be locked until you attach an MoP license to your account.

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