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    Suggestion: Race Specific Druid Forms

    Originally posted here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/to...5794182?page=1

    I got this idea ever since troll druids turned into a completely different animal than the other races when using flight form. I decided to collect my thoughts into a forum post after seeing the new models coming out in 5.2. My idea, however far from possible it is, is to give each race their own specific animal form as opposed to a different type of 'Cat' or a different type of 'Bear.' If blizzard could rename Cat Form to 'Feral Form' and Bear Form to 'Guardian Form' that would remove the restrictions to having to turn them into different looks of the same basic animal. I know you just came out with new druid forms in Cataclysm and I hear you're working on a new Moonkin form (?) But I feel like this would be an absolutely wonderful decision and would make many players, including myself, very happy.

    Now, here are some ideas I cooked up for each Race's specific forms;

    Night Elf:

    Feral: Panther. Again, hasn't changed, the panther is too perfect for night elves in my opinion.
    Guardian: I would like to say Bear for the reason stated above but the bear works better for Worgen in my opinion, I would suggest Tortoise because of the night elf ties to the turtle ancient Tortolla.
    Flight: Owl, fits night elves perfectly, even more so than ravens in my opinion.


    Feral: I would hate to say Lion because I wouldn't want two races to keep the same old form but I cannot think of another more fitting feral form for Tauren, I will try and think of one however.
    Guardian: Kodo. Maybe even a Clefthoof or a Rhinoceros or a Yak or some other form of a large bull.
    Flight: Another difficult one, Wyvern is the only thing I can think of and even that isn't super-fitting.


    Feral: Raptor, Easy. Trolls have always been closely tied to dinosaurs and I feel the raptor is a beyond perfect fit.
    Guardian: Triceratops, or Dire Horn as I suppose they're called. As soon as I saw one I knew if my druid could ever turn into one I would never play another character or game. Ever.
    Flight: Pterodactyl, the bat form is unique and cool but if trolls are more dinosaur themed than pterodactyl is a perfect fit. And I'm not talking the new ones with the enormous under bite, I'm thinking classic un'goro pterodactyls.


    Feral: Wolf, like a big dire wolf or a worg. Something cool and aggressive, like the horde pvp mount, vicious war wolf
    Guardian: Bear, I could not think of an animal more suitable without being just a bigger and more defensive wolf, a Worgen is a wolf and the only thing I could think of in relation to a wolf to fit this niche is a bear.
    Flight: Raven, same as it is now, It's perfect.

    Feel free to add in your own input (specifically ideas for a feral and flight form for tauren and a guardian form for night elves.)

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    They are called cat and bear forms for a reason. They recently redid the forms and they are fine as is.

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    While cool, I doubt it will ever happen if but for the simple reason that it would take up more time that could be used on something else.
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    Don't you dare to touch my black lion tauren form

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    I'd actually like to see some changes to the moonkin form, not major changes, but subtle difference between the races would be nice.

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    Tauren, Night Elf and Worgen druids all learned their skills from the same source. It's no coincidence that they all look similar.
    Trolls you have a bit of a point, but you fail to understand where Troll druidism is rooted. It's not just all dinosaurs.

    As for the Wolf form... well, go play the worgen starting area and pay attention to the story. That's literally what the worgen are.

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    I thought it was rumoured that the trolls learned druidism from the tauren after joining the Horde, while the tauren learnt it from Malfurion Stormrage himself after Malfurion had befriended Hamuul Runetotem and taught him of druidism. Of course, they also had contact with the raptor leo Gonk who taught the trolls a different way to connect with the spirits so they could serve all the nature spirits at once after they had fled to the Jungles where Zen'tabra saw the Emerald dream which makes the feral form fit nicely into a raptor I guess. I like the bat form as it stands and don't think the triceratops really goes well with the trolls unless you solely consider the Zandalari.
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    You'll all get badgers, and you'll like it!
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    On the one hand this is a great idea, but on the other, both the Cat and Bear forms have become so iconic to the class that this would probably never work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kujako View Post
    You'll all get badgers, and you'll like it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ant View Post
    They are called cat and bear forms for a reason. They recently redid the forms and they are fine as is.
    ^ This. Besides, some of your ideas, while creative, really don't fit the roles you are intending them for. Kodo or Clefthoof for Tauren Guardians? Yeah, no thank you. Neither strike me as particularly "protective" creatures, and I like Bear form. The only change that feral forms need, is one to distinguish male and female characters. A female tauren shifting into a maned lion with a bull-ring is still silly imo. (And yes, I do remember the old models)

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    It would mean redesigning animations/models/ability names/form names so not really ever gonna happen. WoW seems to keep a generalization across races, which seems to work imo.

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    orc druids pretty please! the orcs can be bros with the nightelves....I mean yeah they killed the night elves diety but we can all be druid bros n stuff :3

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    and -as always - noone thinks of tree or moonkin.. sad story really ):

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    moonking should need some change but other then i think the forms are cool, race specific woulds also be nice but probely never going to happent

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    They are traditionally Bear and Cat forms - unfortunately, that's how I think they should stay. Off-topic slightly, here is what I posted about a year ago on WoWhead's Druid page - got 49 votes, so I guess it's something of a good idea!

    I've aways had some great ideas (according to friends) for the druid forms. I don't mean ridiculous things like a GORILLA bear form or WOLF cat form, because, well, the form is traditionally a cat and a bear. It just woudn't make sense. Here are my ideas on the forms which aren't currently effected visibly by races:

    Travel form:
    Night Elf - A stag of some kind (given the icon of travel form) with dark colourings, maybe black, with green druidic symbols on the fur and Elven trinkets around the ears, neck and antlers. Similar to the stags of Ashenvale.
    Tauren - The cheetah model. The cheetah suits the wild plains the tauren live in.
    Troll - A raptor of some kind, possibly blue scales, tusks, and voodoo charms around the claws and neck to show troll biology.
    Worgen - A wolf? Like i said above, Cat form is supposed to be a Cat, but the travelling forms don't really restrict to certain species.

    Aquatic Form:

    Night Elf - The current model. The yellow eyes and purple pointed ears show Night Elven origin.
    Tauren - Maybe something similar to the Night Elven form, exept with horns, bovine ears, peaceful eyes and a more burly shape.
    Troll - A tropical Shark! With blue scales and maybe small tusks to show Troll origins, it would suit the Troll homeland.
    Worgen - Again, similar to the Night Elven form, but with a more feral face, wolf ears, and a ferocious feel.

    Moonkin Form:
    Night Elf - Current Model.
    Tauren - Current Model.
    Troll - I'm sure i wasn't the only one disappointed by the boring recolour of the Night Elf moonkin for Trolls. It could be blue or green tinted, with tusks, tribal charms and trinkets, with a mowhawk! It's so obvious!
    Worgen - Again, A boring recolour of the Night Elf Form it could still be grey and dark coloured, but with more of a Barn owl appearance, with a more rounded face but still a feral feel. No silly antlers!

    These forms aren't completely themed around a certain type of animal, which is why I believe it's ok to change the animal of them.
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    Well, i certainly agree that Moonkins could use some work. We just got a new travel form, so i doubt that will get changed again any time soon.

    As for aquatic... i dunno, is that really worth the effort? I could probably count the number of times i used it in MoP on my hands,

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    as a tauren druid:
    i think a Plains theme would be appropriate.

    Feral: Cheetah. Its a plains cat. use the old Travel form model.
    Guardian: Wildebeast
    Flight form: Vulture

    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    Well, i certainly agree that Moonkins could use some work. We just got a new travel form, so i doubt that will get changed again any time soon.

    As for aquatic... i dunno, is that really worth the effort? I could probably count the number of times i used it in MoP on my hands,
    Balance just got Astral form.... i think Guardian and Feral need something similar to the astral form glyph.
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    Astral Form isn't even a real form, just a graphics effect.

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