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    Threat trouble as prot

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    Im haveing trouble holding threat lately, in lfr, in 10 man normal vaults. I was wondering is there something im missing or not reforged right. It bugs me to no end. Any help you could give would be great.

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    Is there one particular class you are having trouble holding threat against? Is it one particular player in your 10m run?

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    What are you doing as an opener? What is the person or persons you are having keeping treat over doing? Are they giving you 2-3 seconds to get some aggro before going nuts with CD?

    If you arent you could try using Holy Avenger on the pull, for some really quick SOTRs to get some threat really quickly.

    You are a paladin, so why not blessing of salv the guy who is pulling off of you.
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    IM having trouble with the hunter the rouge tricks of the trade him at the start, its the opening agro in 10man. in lfr i cant hold agro against any mobs(trash) from the other tanks.

    @crenunnos, i keep forgeting about that spell to be honest. Ive been having to pop avenger and avenging wrath at the start.

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    I wouldn't worry about LFR too much, but smack the shit out of your rogue.. Tricks the hunter on the pull????
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    @ chuck there were a few times on trash leading to S. kings i had a few people pull off of me, we one tanked that.

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    It's an issue with your raid's dps, really. Bad rogue is bad. Or possibly your opener.

    I've also noticed that, on trash, I usually don't have threat over the other tanks. Once vengeance kicks in, you'll never get it. Don't worry about not having threat over another tank unless it's a problem. Yeah, it sucks...but that's just how it seems to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuckadoodle View Post
    I wouldn't worry about LFR too much, but smack the shit out of your rogue.. Tricks the hunter on the pull????
    Well in all honesty if the hunter is using his toolset tricksing him on the pull would do nothing as the hunter would be generating a lot more threat for the tank than what is being transferred to the hunter.

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    I'd suggest checking out the [Prot] Fix my Tanking!, which is meant to help specifically with issues like this, and the forum's awesome Protection Paladin Guide as well!

    -Closing, feel free to continue your discussion there!
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