I've been off WoW for a little while now but i still do like WoW as a game just not generally happy with any of the changes that usually come with a new expansion.

When i think back to the expansions i have been around for the most happy time i can usually remember is right before expac release, The game is usually pretty well balanced for all classes in pvp and pve, not always but usually its the most stable time class wise not taking into account silly legendaries making a few classes that much better, but because its take the whole expac to balance things it is usually pretty good.

Now don't get me wrong it's not perfect as its usually when your getting bored due to lack of content or new innovative ideas to come out.

I just find the idea that all we want each expac is 10 more dungeons and 3-5 new raids and an extra zero on our health bars and every damage move we use.

Personally i don't see why we need a new continent or 5-6 new maps every expac when all everybody does is blast through it and end up in the level 90 map content. I don't see why we need 5 levels every time and a total refurbishment of talents every expac lately (changing them has far from gotten rid of cookie cutter) not to mention the game will always be based around cookie cutter whether it is specs gear or stats with reforging and gemming, theres a little room between whats wrong and right for your gear with reforging, but the mass just armory or noxxic what to reforge into, or use the types of programs that you input your stats in and it does all the work for you.

I think that some of the zones we have should'nt have gone to waste. WOTLK as a continent was very nice and the quests and music and types of mobs there really represented the Lich King story type feeling, just to name one example of places now dead because of the need to kill them off and have a new continent all the time.
That being said i don't think Cata being embedded withing the old continent worked either. But i just think most players have a lot of fond memories of places in game and its sad that they just fade away and you only fly past them once every few months when flying somewhere else on your way past. There are some places which I and I'm sure others go to and just get that nice feeling of when you most enjoyed the game.

A decent part of this post is just me ranting but the one thing i would really like to put to blizzard is who are they asking how to make WoW a better place? Because from what i see all it is are the top arena teams and top raid guilds saying what needs to change in those aspects each expac. I have never once seen a questionnaire with say a few of blizzards ideas for next expac asking us what we would want the most and find the most important for them to work on. I don't really think had we been given a few more options like transmog or pet battles (not my thing but its something actually new to do in WoW) or if we wanted a butt load of dailies to grind every day for months we would have asked them to put time into something else that would add another actual feature that other MMO's have.

I think WoW is lacking on the social side now and a lot of that is due to lack of community in terms of lfg lfr nothing really special to fight for together like Wintergrasp etc. But at the same time i know most people have a guild and friends with people they almost play the game just to be around and stay friends with, but there aren't really any activities to encourage socialising, what do you do? sit in stormwind/Org or wherever you like to stand and talk to them through whispers while doing nothing or queuing for stuff because there is nothing else to do.

I just think maybe focusing on some social aspects like adding player or guild houses where you can hang out and work on making better and more personalized for you (and no a phased farm does not even come close lol) More social based activities in game or rewards for doing things with your friends. Maybe introduce a point system for buying those fun cosmetic things or improving your character in different ways rather than just stats.

Anyway RANT OVER well done if you could be bothered to read it all but to sum up.
-Blizz constantly say they don't like making what players ask for into patch notes, well why not, class balance should be ignored but other things should not, and if you don't listen to the forums where exactly do you get your feedback from because i sure as hell don't know anybody you have asked :P