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    Need help to find pvp addons

    What are some good addons that help you see when your fake cast worked?

    Something that tracks interrupts and stuns.

    For MoP of course. Any other helpful addons for pvp that you know would also be appreciated

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    Is there anything like InterruptBar but thats updated for mop and just has all the interrupts in the game in an easily movable interface.

    Need something that even has the interrupts for monks.

    Just need to make sure i know when my fake casting worked, so i can freely heal.

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    Interrupt Bar works perfectly, just can add all the spells you like in the LUA.file of IB.

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    Anyone know anything else? anything better?

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    No, just dont be lazy and take the time to figure out how to add the spells in,
    Mightt not be the most fun work to do, but once done you can keep doing it.

    *If you want to criticize my english, Atleast post something usefull on the topic to*

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