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    ww pvp problems (help me)

    maybe its a learn to play issue since i just hit 90 on my ww monk but is anybody else having trouble sticking on ranged class, with all the mobility and standing and casting be obsolete i cant seem to stick to anything and keep my slow on. all the gap closers are perfect for escaping but not so much closing the gap. roll is too short a range and to easy to dodge/ strafe away from if it isnt perfect and more or less the same with flying serpent kick but its a little better. All the "skillshots"/ abilities you have to aim are cool but only when everybody has the same. trying to time/aim your stun is great and all except when every other class can jump around strafe/ flip and still hit every attack. To me it feels like playing (insert fps game here) where everybody has auto aim/ aimbots and i dont. Im struggling guys

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    It must be because you're a monk, I recommend leveling a NEEERFED warrior and using the Glyph of Hindering Strikes if you feel like leg humping people in pvp

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    i used to main a warrior and switched to monk for something new, more or less i was venting and trying to figure out if this was a class issue or a learn to play thing and i just need more practice?

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