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    ALISTAIR OVEREEM... Some random Warrior*** WoW Arena Montage 1

    Fury Warrior in 2's Arena, got all the clips in 1 day against SCRUBS that aren't even 1500. It's still an enjoyable montage I edited when I was bored, wanted cap Conquest Points with a guildy and had to stay awake for 24 hours. xP

    You can troll me all you want and tell me how Arms > Fury, i honestly don't give a damn.. I still had fun!
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    The "Don't forget about 480p Quality! " Part cracked me up....

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    Yeah the next one is gonna be 1080p Quality.. I recorded 800 x 600 resolution using Fraps on HALF-SIZE.. So the original footage looked like shit to begin with.. I got another video I'm working on for 3's this time. Glad I could make you laugh though Quarkor

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    Lol. Music, video quality, UI size/style, crits, etc. all remind me of lvl 60 videos.

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    I enjoyed the video.
    rip Dave Zablidowsky

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    Sweet! I'm mostly just trying to work on my editing for wow videos, I'm used to using halo clips with dem boom HEADSHOTS! I promise the next video will have WAY better quality though.

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