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    trinket question

    hi all and happy new year...im playing ele and
    i have these 3 trinkets1)Blossom of Pure Snow
    2)light of cosmos and
    3)essence of terror
    whice two should i use?
    thanks for your time(i would like to see the reasons if you have some time)

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    Simulation craft it imo

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    The OP is correct, the only way to be sure is SimCraft but to help you along your way;
    We need to know if the light & essence you have are LFR version or normal
    If we are talking normal mode Light/Essence then you will find them to be your best items in inventory currently;
    The issue is slightly confused by the fact that another trinket - Relic of Yulon (Darkmoon Card) is so strong this tier.
    Without access to sim or more info I would state the best lazy bet is something like mrrobot.com to compare, I find maxdps to be a bad site at such things, unless you change your ratios entirely and ignore hit as a viable stat.
    Pure blossomm is pretty underwealming as a choice goes, and I would go with the darkmoon card and essence of terror ( any version), but Light/Essence are probably stronger/ more useful to you over the the blossomm if they are normal mode versions, probably still even if they are LFR versions.

    For your info, the current BIS this tier is :
    Essence of Terror (Heroic Version -Sha) and Relic of Yu'lon (Darkmoon Card)

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    Other semi relavent info:

    Relic of Yu'lon:
    956 Int * 3.74 = 3575
    851 average Int from proc * 3.74 = 3183
    TOTAL SCORE: 6758

    Light of the Cosmos (LFR)
    956 Haste * 1.65 = 1577
    1202 average Int from proc * 3.74 = 4496
    TOTAL SCORE: 6073 - Although most agree, this is a little lacklustre in terms of actual performance for ele shamans and terror wins out for us as a class.

    Essence of Terror (LFR)
    1021 Int * 3.74 = 3819
    1211 average Haste from proc * 1.65 = 1998
    TOTAL SCORE: 5817

    Static Caster's Medallion
    1152 Haste * 1.65 = 1901
    1022 average Int from Proc * 3.74 = 3822
    TOTAL SCORE = 5723

    Also see :
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    thank you very much..you've been very helpful

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