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    LFR Shin'ka or regular Starshatter?

    I'm sure I overlooked this somewhere, but I'm getting close to wanting to upgrade my Starshatter, but just haven't. Would it be worth it to just wait on Shin'ka? thanks in advance and i'm sorry if this has already been discussed elsewhere.

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    Here's some previous discussion on that: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...al-Starshatter

    They are very close, assuming you have the legendary gem. Simming it for your own setup is recommended if you already have both, but I wouldn't spend any charms on trying to get the axe.

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    If you can gem your LFR Axe and have the 10k to dish out a 2nd gem when you get normal mode, I'd go with the axe. If you can't dish out 10k for extra gems, I'd go with the sword.

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    Referring you to this open thread.


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