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    Help me learn to enjoy my dk.

    I loved dks in wrath, but i was a big noob back then. Ever since cataclysm, i haven't been able to enjoy the dks. It seems that once u blow your runes you are stuck waiting on something to do for upwards of 5-6 seconds which feels dumb. Trying to level a new one now at 58. Is it that i dont understand the resource system, or is the class just not for me?

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    At least hit 75 and the Rune regen tier before you get too ornery about it. They really did not do a very nice job of making the DK leveling development feel good in MoP.

    Once you get higher level and geared up, things feel much more fluid. If you get enough Haste stacked at higher gear levels, you will actually find yourself reaching a point where you hit moments of "OH MY GOD, NO MORE RUNES" as you drown trying to fit in all your GCDs. :p

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    There's several ways in which you can improve your rune regeneration.
    First of all, there's Empower Rune Weapon.
    Second, there's talents that either restore a rune as death rune, allow you to active runes at will, or grant you a 100% rune regeneration. All of these are activated through the use of Death Coil, Rune Strike and Frost Strike.
    Thirdly, there's your spec. I find Frost to be much faster in depleting runes. Blood does quite well, and so does Unholy. Anyway, if you're Frost or Unholy, try some more haste.
    One other tip is: Try not blowing all your runes in one go. Alternate between Rune attacks and Runic Power attacks. Doing so will grant you a better Rune upkeep because you're not using runes every GCD, but this tactic also increases your activation of the talents I mentioned earlier.

    I hope this was of some help.

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    Yeah mainly since cata we now have RE or Tier 75.

    Our resource system is a feedback loop.
    You spend runes, you get runic power.
    You spend runic power, you get runes, via Tier 75 talents.

    Once you hit 75 you then get this ability to proc back runes and the waiting isn't so bad.

    Its also totally a gearing thing.
    Since cata haste now speeds up rune regeneration times.
    This means they have to set the base rune speed super slow, so you have some room to gear haste and not feel like you have too many resources.

    While leveling you can just spam blood boil and death siphon and oneshot everything.
    Both abilities got a massive boost in base power but a nerf in attack power scaling to stop vengance being too powerful. This means at low levels they currently do way too much damage.

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    First off, don't get me wrong, I don't want to start any kind of flame, but the title of the thread can be a bit misleading as it sounds like you want us to convince you to like the death knight.

    Still I know what you are refering, something similar happened to me after 4.2, I started to hate my DK despite the fact that I wanted to play him.

    My only advice for you is to be pacient, level up that new character and let it get its skills, at low level every class suffers from this things since your tools/rotation are not completed.

    There are a lot of good websites out there with great guides and I'm sure some will teach you how to manage those runes.

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    Get to a higher level before judging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    Get to a higher level before judging.
    I have an 84 dks as well, though i haven't played it since 4.3 In all of cata i only got 4 levels.. lol

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    Sometimes you just can not get along with a class no matter how much you want.
    I tried to be a mage, paladin, druid but I simply could not enjoy them.
    Maybe it was their resource system or skills in general I do not know, but if you do not enjoy it you should play something else instead of forcing yourself into it

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    you can't learn to enjoy something.
    try leveling past lvl 75 for the rune regen talents, apart from that it's either you like the class or you don't.

    but let's be honest for a second:
    you can't judge a class as complex as the dk one by leveling from 55 to 58. You don't even see how the class fits together. Try leveling to lvl 80+, that's where the real deal starts. It's like judging the mage on lvl 8... you haven't seen the class well enough!
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    Basically, speaking from a 2H frost point of view, playing with less than 50% haste is a pain in the arse. Get some gear, gem haste to start off with even though its probably a bit less dps than gemming strenght and stuff will feel ten times more fluid, and thus more enjoyable.

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