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"Natural" and "inherent" are different words.

Rights, or at least the real ones, are a formalization of these "beneficial instincts". Rights do come from nature, but they aren't inherent.
i dont think so, a right is something you have and cant (or shouldnt) be taken away. someone elses instinct is hardly your right.

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Gouvernment isn't a natural entity. Yes, in general people will make leadership ladders, but not neccesarily will the leadership make all the rules. The leadership is there to enforce the rules. But the rules are made by everyone, not the gouvernment alone.

However, the rules aren't natural either. In a natural state, someone would try to dominate the others forcefully. And this is why people made rules against it time and time again.

Example: industrial revolution, women's rights etc. It was not the gouverment who forced a change in the situations with these, it was the people, the people put pressure on the gouvernments and the gouvernments had to adapt or be removed.
which means it was the peoples choice all along.