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    Resto Shaman vs Frost DK


    im playing 2s on my resto shaman. I played different comps (with mage/lock/warr). In the start it ok, but when i hit like 1700 mmr it seems half of the teams is Frost DK/Healer (most likely Hpala). I just dont have a chance to survive against a dk. Ppl who play with me always saying like "OMG you gotta kite and cats big heals, else you die!!!" Ok i understand that but i just dont succeed with that. I basicly blow all my cds during the first minute to stay alive and then i die. With AMS, Pilar of Frost, Icebound Fortitude, Grip, Silence, Ice Chains, Slows the dk has always something against my efforts to break free.

    And since the DK is kicking it it so hard, we are so much under pressure that the Hpala just can be a lil annoying and doesnt have to worry much about whats happening...

    Is there any way how i can build myself some time to breath?


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    frost has very good sustain but they are also quite squishy. save your big CDs for when he pops trinket/pillar/etc. if he baits you into hitting them early he will most likely be able to burst you down.

    try to go for a kill quickly so you don't have to deal with the sustain. purge hand of sacrifice and BoP as soon as you possibly can, try to force the pally bubble asap, then go for the burst.

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    You can often bait AMS fairly easily by fake casting Hexes into him.

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    now after to caster and hybrid nerfs now mele cleaves dominate and thats shaman worst oponents and paladins start to take over as they are better against them that forces your team mates to burst one of them until u use all of ur cd or oom
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    If he is allowed to freely train you then yes you will have some trouble, however with the change to the cost to Necrotic Strike (unable to be spammed now) it should be far from 'gg'.

    Playing 2v2 as/with a healer I think is a waste of time, but if you insist you need your partner to help peel for you more and apply more pressure to their healer so that they in turn have to switch off you to peel.

    Also don't for get that if he blows his cooldowns he will be desperate to stay on you. Use this to your advantage by making him over extend, forcing his healer into the open and into CC range.

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