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    Vanity or Transformation items learnable

    I personally have a ton of archeology and transformation items that have dropped from MoP rares etc that are taking a ton of bag space. A new spellbook tab for all these items would clear a good 20+ slots in my bags and make life for myself (and many others I assume) easier. Any one else wanna see this happen?

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    This would be fantastic...especially if I can access the vanity items with all my characters (like "Aqua Jewel").

    A Tabard-Tab would also be a great idea (most of my tabards are deleted although they look great).

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    Yeah that also...pain to have to go grab those tabards from the sellers every time I want em because my bags just cant hold em all .

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    IMO, void storage should have say... 5 extra storage slots per visual item, arranged like bags, that can be accessed by that character only. These items can be used for transmog without removing them from void storage, possibly through drop down menu, like totems or portals.

    Also, tabbards should have their own menu, like titles or mounts.
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    This is the best solution, especially since they seem content to keep that useless 16 slot backpack. It would literally free up dozens and dozens of bag slots

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    Yeah... right now I just feel so bad deleting them all the time. Would be great to have somewhere to store them, even though I think the only reason I hang onto them is out of sentiment; I never actually find a time where I'm like 'Hey! Right now I'd really like to be a fly in amber!' or anything like that.

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    A great idea. I lost count of how many of such items I destroyed since MoP started, let alone Cata or WTLK.

    ps: You should post this in-game via Suggestion form the same way you make tickets. I'm not really sure, but I think blizz employees don't read Mmo-C xD

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    Personally i've thrown away few vanity items because i simply don't have the bag space, mostly MoP stuff because questing just overflows you with this stuff.

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