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    If possible, can someone make me a paladin macro?

    I don't really know if it's possible, but could someone try and make a macro to do something like for example:

    Say my button 1 is Crusader Strike, and Exorcism is on CD. I'm pressing 1 as it is about to be off CD in a sec, but right before its off CD The Art of War proc's and I accidentally hit Crusader Strike before Exo.

    So, is it possible to make something like;

    /cast Exorcism
    /cast Crusader Strike (I know this doesn't work tho xD)

    for like most skills? So as I'm spamming one since it's about to be of CD, if The Art of War proc's it will make sure to hit Exo first? Idk, I'm kinda new to lots of macros so help is very much appreciated. Thanks for your time =]

    And for anyone who doesn't know Art of War resets the CD of Exo and needs to be hit quickly to always keep it on CD.
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    Not possible - that macro is functionally identical to just "/cast exorcism". Honestly, procs are just something you have to deal with on the fly - use them at the fastest rate of your reflexes to react. If you don't react in time, just hit it in 1.5 seconds (modified for haste, of course). Procs like AoW are how Blizzard likes to hurt one-button-macros and similar items.
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