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    I useto make good friends in guilds back in vanilla and BC. Hell, even met up with a few guildies that lived around me. We were more than guildies, we were good friends. That doesn't exist anymore, guilds have a different environment. It's all "business" in a way. It's all about raiding and or pvp and that's it. No one really cares for the social aspects of MMOs anymore. It's not only WoW, a lot of MMOs are like that. GW2 also feels like a single player. It's like a new trend. Hopefully, there will be an MMO that will have super awesome new features and still retain that feeling of actually being an MMO. But that's my 2 cents.

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    Its a theme park mmo. Outside of your guild/friends the MM part is just a bunch of names you will never see again for pretty much every aspect of the game. I am cool with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kornstyle View Post
    In the past expansions, people used to talk and have a behavior to others, build a reputation and have a in-game social life. Nowadays people talk trash and bashing anyone.... The social aspect of the game lost after the introduce of LFD in WotLK...
    Not just LFD but also realm swaps and name changes
    ...Made it through 9 years of wow...

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    oh barrens chat, how I miss thy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pimpeddakota View Post
    Not just LFD but also realm swaps and name changes
    Yes, because giving someone the option of paying $25 to go to another server or $10 to change their name really made a notable contribution to griefing and low-skilled players going undetected until you pick them up for a pug. I can't even imagine how small the percentage is of people who've used those features for the above reasons is.
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    Noticed this as soon at Burning Crusade came out.

    Classic required players to work together for a common goal. Now we have no common goals but raiding.

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    Yep i do feel absolutely the same. To me this startet with the PvP-Realmpools and Dungeonfinder Stuff. Right now to me WoW feels like Battlefield, where you logg on, choose your gamemode and just play it (Raid/Rbg/Arena/leveling) but not like an MMO anymore. Still this convinience tools and stuff make the game playable and after 8 years iam really not to sure if this RPG Aspect could even work for me anymore. But yea thats exactly what i miss from the game atm but still dont feel like any change at all could bring it back in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuzzin View Post
    * Everything can be done basically alone now without any interaction with others. LFD LFR means you can gear any character without saying anything to anyone.
    and yet I always queue with friends because I know it will be smooth sailing. Lots of others do as well
    * Soo much flying no more random bump ins world pvp etc.
    it happens a lot now, people QQ endlessly about it and don't want it even on pvp servers...
    * No need for summons anymore.
    not true at all.
    * Guilds are basically diminishing in usefulness.
    guild perks alone made being in a guild a necessity

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    Personally I've welcomed most of the changes to WoW over the years, though I tend to be more of a go-with-the-flow kind of person. I still have plenty of interaction with people on my server, and now with cross-realm grouping, I can still do stuff with friends who transferred away without having to roll an alt on their realm.

    I don't really get the complaints I've seen lately about guilds being less interactive. Maybe I've just always been lucky with guilds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alceus View Post
    oh barrens chat, how I miss thy!
    Omg how entertaining was that

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    Yes it has, Remove LFR and LFD to start with. Was much nicer when you had to talk to people to find a group.

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    "Cross server....."

    Caused any loss of the "mmo feeling" wow had

    someone can start a character right now and won't have to talk to anyone as long as he plays

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    Not at all. With CRZ I can now level in a zone and not be the only one there. With LFR and Lfd I can chat with people who aren't just the same 'ol ones on my server. Game is a lot better now then it was a few years ago. I can actually do something in the game rather then spend an hour in trade chat looking for a group. I can also level in a zone and get help with a quest instead of running back to town or asking a guildie to stop what they are doing to come help out. There is lots of ways to socialize and chat with people, anybody who says that it has lost the mmo feeling just isn't taking the effort to try. Don't blame the game; blame the player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdozia View Post
    Yes it has, Remove LFR and LFD to start with. Was much nicer when you had to talk to people to find a group.
    "Invite me, hunter with X AP.", that's the only text needed when I wanted to do Karazhan.
    Sometimes I had to say yes or no when they asked if I had a key and we had short lines of 4 words max to explain what I'd CC.

    In my opinion that's not being social and there was nothing nice about that.
    Nowadays when people talk to me, I know they are genuinely friendly because the game isn't forcing them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shink View Post
    someone can start a character right now and won't have to talk to anyone as long as he plays
    Exactly! It's up to you and me to change anything about it.
    It's easy to complain about it on a forum, but are you actually trying to have a friendly chat in LFR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuzzin View Post
    So what are some changes you guys think could make this game more person interactive? Sonce that seems to be the biggest lose over the years. And you guys are right the game hasnt necessarily changed from the mmo theme etc its just that we as players have lost our in game bonds and needs for each other.
    Here's just a few solutions that would make it a heck of a lot better in terms of MMO-ness in my eyes;

    - Change LFD and LFR to be realm based only. In my opinion, LFD and LFR were the single biggest hit to the MMO aspect of WoW. Instead of having them spread out to the point you can do things with anyone at any point, make them realm based. This will solve problems two fold; 1) It will make your actions have consequences. If you're a jerk in a group, players will be able to find you and make you responsible for your actions. This will lead to less people hiding behind their anonymity because they're easily found. Act like a jerk too often and you'll just be met with group kicks over and over again. 2) It will help guilds and friendships. Need a few extra people in your guild to fill the ranks? Hop in a LFD or LFR and find someone. If they're a decent player, you can offer them a raid spot. Found someone in the LFD or LFR that you enjoyed playing with? Now you can play with them all the time because they're on your realm. Just toss them a friends request and off you go.

    -Flying mounts. Frankly, remove them. They've added an insane amount of Flight paths to the game, so there's no excuse for not being able to get around. Every expansion they strip it from us anyway so we "See more of the content" so make that change permanent.

    - Item scaling. It's time for the crunch, plain and simple. Once you have a level of gear, gear is no longer important. The change from 500 str to 510 str is hardly noticeable. Put the crunch in place and suddenly gear will matter again. This also leads to more creativity in mob design. Something we're seeing a lot of this expansion is mobs with massive attacks with cast times you have to move out of the way of. It's creative on one or two bosses, but not all of them. Having gear actually matter may make encounters more difficult. This would have the added benefit of players wanting to group to make things smoother or easier.

    - Group quests. Put them back in the game. I remember a time where you had to actually grab a group of 3 or so to take down some world mobs. With CRZ there's no excuse of "There's no people in the zone" anymore. Making players actually play together would go a long way to reinstate that MMO feeling to the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Yes, because giving someone the option of paying $25 to go to another server or $10 to change their name really made a notable contribution to griefing and low-skilled player
    it all stacks up. little thing here, little thing there.

    i also believe name/race/server change contributed to the downfall of wow's social aspect and should never have been implemented.

    that's what happens when they just give players shit they ask for without thinking about long-term consequences.

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    I disagree. Maybe it's partly related to the servers some maybe on. I'm on an extremely active server that always has something going on. People chatter away. There are groups building for area mobs. There is banter. You know the good guilds and the bad guilds.

    I dont' miss the old days where you had to gruop to get certain things done. I think there is a balance now.

    LFD didn't destroy community. That started occurring long before that. LFD is just a tool. You dont blame a hammer for nailing in a nail crooked.
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    It hasn't because it's an MMORPG...

    But it could gain a bit of it back indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuzzin View Post
    Im sorry you feel that way but everyone else seems to be understandind sure your not just picking on the less educated?
    Well, you sure are leaving a lot to the imagination with vague reasons as to why you feel the way you do. If you can not even sell your idea of what an "MMO" is to you, you really will not get anywhere and just end up where all the other threads with the same topic has gone.

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    I don't really get the complaints I've seen lately about guilds being less interactive. Maybe I've just always been lucky with guilds.
    Glad to see that I'm not the only one.

    Apart from the fact that you don't have to spam LFG-chat for hours to find a tank, not much has changed.
    There were assholes that ninja looted in BC, there are assholes that roll need on everything now.

    As far as talking thrash goes: Do you honestly think that wasn't the case back then? BG-Flamechats were epic.

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