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    Most Popular Class for Raids / PVP please * please no trolls *

    as title says im coming back to the game and i have a 85 of each class and was wondering whats the most popular / best for pve / pvp at the moment? aka who does the most dmg in pvp and pve? thanks and please no trolls :-( i just can't decide i heard it was a shadow priest or lock for PVE and balance druid or DK for pvp?

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    I think you should play what you want to play and have fun playing it and not play the current 'best class' as changes/nerfs happen all the time.

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    If I'm not mistaking, I think every class and spec are viable for both pvp and pve. Differences exist, but I'd say the game is pretty balanced. What makes the biggest difference is your play style and preference.

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    Help Me Choose My Class threads aren't allowed here. There is no answer and the decision is too personal for us to decide for you.

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