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    They have changed things around a bit, even leatherworking. They just did it in really subtle ways by leaving something orange a bit longer. Engineering, for instance, got a pretty big low-end revamp with the guns giving, I think, 4 points. They've also reworked the gathering skill ups as well so there should be more available on the AH (see my last paragraph for a however).

    That said, crafted gear doesn't even come close to keeping up with leveling gear. You just make it and toss it. The 1-300 leveling process used to have a couple of decent blues (now we all have heirlooms, or get it in a dungeon) but it is still heavily weighted toward level 60, a place we stop at for at most 2 hours these days. There is really no point to it. You even out level the grenades from engineering..

    Leatherworking, even if you do it at max, is still painful. You've got to go out, find the mobs, kill the mob, loot the mob (aoe looting helps) and skin the mob. It sucks at any level. And you can't really AH it because some wanker will think "hey, Imma gonna buy up all the rugged leather and list it at 300G/stack". A new player is screwed by this and has to grind. It's fair in a way, in that we all had to do the work at one time or another but to grind 160 rugged leather for 20 runic leather bracers just seems pointless.
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    Tailoring is the easiest and cheapest to level in the 300 to 350 skill

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