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    <snip massive wall of rambling>
    -- Reply removed, because he's not worth it and hopefully he'll stop thinking that I'm interested in what he has to say if I don't engage him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xothic View Post
    Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the other side of a story. Always interesting when this happens.
    Would be more interesting if he wasn't totally and completely making a fool of himself.
    Last edited by GotMoxie; 2013-01-02 at 08:47 AM. Reason: Added a couple things to hopefully end this once and for all.
    This concept of wuv confuses and infuriates us.

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    Almost had one of these, after taking my 90 dk to the Steamvaults and seeing a 63 Alliance leave. Almost let him go.

    But then I was like 'I wonder if I can kill him with one Howling Blast.'

    Turns out that I can.

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