So, im playing on Xavius EU, have been doing so since WotLK. At first, the ping was all good, a steady 50ms.

Along came cataclysm, and my ping raised to 90. Not perfect, a little challange for my melee characters.

And now MoP: I had 40 ping the first few weeks. Now after 5.1, im having 190. Thats bad. So I asked GM about it, you know if they possibly changed server location or something. I got a nice Copy-paste answer to look for the FAQ.

So now im stuck in a miserable server, unplayable for melee(pvp) and a slight delay on GCD. What am I supposed to do now really? My ping times against other server have been the same for YEARS. But this fairly low populated server is having a rollercoster ping. Cant afford doing server migration on 5 chars really...

Have anyone experienced the same, and what was your solution?