Me and my friends are not really satisfied with WoW lately so we decided to quit for a while. Nothing to do in our Opinion.

We now are looking for a good MMO or RPG or any Game haha.

We like wow much and tried several other MMOs like Runes of Magic, Tera, Rift ...
We played Star Wars for a while till it went Free 2 Play and tried it again 6 Months ago tho we love the athmosphere it still doesnt feel right and we didnt want to pay for a game if it isnt nearly as good as good ol wow. Endgame is not playable in SW:ToR.

Borderlands 1 & 2, Diablo, Minecraft, Starbound are finished (not for all of us)

Counterstrike, Dota is okay but we need something as a "main game"

Anyone as good alternatives for us? Downloading "Dragons Prophet" right now...