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    NZXT cases can only use NZXT fans?

    just a quick question, but i remember awhile ago i think i read that these cases can only use the same brands fans, i just ordered a Phantom and would like it know if i need to order a couple more fans as well if my old ones wont work.

    or that could be totally wrong and my old ones will work lol.

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    Your old ones should work, assuming they are the right size. Although the Phantom comes with plenty of fans already installed.
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    Their 200 mm fans aren't exactly corresponding to other manufacturers specifications, but the 120 and 140 spots should work just fine with whatever.

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    As Marest stated, 120's and 140's will fit no problem. But you have to use NZXT 200mm fans on top, no other 200mm fans will fit without modification.

    (I've personally had 2 NZXT Phantoms so I can confirm)

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    ive just done the same, i decided to order 1 200mm fan from nzxt for the top then just normal 140mm ones, also a different 200mm fan for the side panel since if u have a big heatsink apparently only 20mm thick fans fit. Cant tell you if they fit yet though :P.

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