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  • To gear up

    38 31.93%
  • To see the content

    4 3.36%
  • To gear up and see the content

    67 56.30%
  • I never do LFR

    10 8.40%
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    Why do you use LFR?

    Do you do LFR weekly, maybe once a month or never? Why are you running LFR? What do you think about the LFR and its community?

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    i mostly do the LFR because thats the only way i am able to raid because of blizzard can't be seen to merge servers or even lower the transfer cost down to $10

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    Doing it a couple of times at most and purely to possibly get an upgrade or two in the first month of a new exp / raid patch, in MoP I did it the first 2 bosses in Msv and decided it wasn't worth the headache of all the shitty players who I'm sure can barely wipe their own ass irl. (Says it all about the feature n' it's "community")

    Having had to reroll since then, I've done HoF + ToeS twice on that new char, and only when grouped with at least 10 from the guild so I know it won't be a /facedesk followed by headache for a full month afterwards.

    I would put on a latex gimp putfit and dance on the main street outside our house a full day if the feature would reward players for the amount of effort / time it requires (but no one would use it if they were rewarded grey / white items), I would dance butt ass naked a full day if the feature was removed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banzhe View Post
    I would put on a latex gimp putfit and dance on the main street outside our house a full day if the feature would reward players for the amount of effort / time it requires, I would dance butt ass naked a full day if it was removed.

    The feature does reward players for the effort and time. Considering it takes zero effort and very little time to do LFR you get some gold and a chance for loot. That is more then enough.

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    I do it ONLY for the valor points, but that option is missing in your poll.

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    good feature, as a previous (up to wolk) hardcore pvp and pve player I stopped playing in cata because I had no more time to do so. Now I came back shortly before mop because LFR allows me to se content, gear up (even to the legendary quest line) and all that in maybe 4hrs a week.

    I spend about another 4 hrs doing a few rbgs and I'm happy because I can do everything to a certain degree without investing tons of time into the game.

    Love LFR and love that the game caters to low time casuals like me as well.

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    Practicing my offspec rotation and to see my potential output and to cap off Valor points

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    to be a lazy ass and ignore all tacts and SLAM them dps/healing metres RAARRRRRR!!!! /flex

    boredom too, oh and for 1 or 2 loots to go on with oh and a bit of quick mindless funs

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    I run LFR mainly with alts, and on my main to maybe get some offset pieces I'm missing from mainraid, but that's not really much anymore.

    I normally do it with atleast on of my alts complete once a week, and with my main the bosses I want, and if I'm bored and people want to do some LFR I do it on my other alts.

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    Valor and sha crystals.

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    Only a boss or 2 on alts to get a weapon for pvp(which never have not dropped for me a single time on 3 characters).

    Or if I'm going to need a weapon enchant I'll try to run em all for crystals. THis only happens about once every month or so.

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    To gear up, mostly, though I've been done with that on my main toon for a while now, but it certainly helped me in the first couple weeks as I got fairly fact I'm still using a LFR weapon because they don't drop in normal/heroic mode. It can also serve as a nice preview for normal modes, guides can only do so much, actually doing it, even with a missing mechanic or two, helps me perform better in my first normal attempts, at least. Nowadays I mainly run a couple LFRs to boost my weekly VP but that's about it...running it too much will get me burnt out on the raids.

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    Gearing up, seeing the content (guild isn't raiding at the moment), testing out new builds, etc. All the stuff you wouldn't be able to do casually in a real raid.
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    I run LFR for capping valor and getting the sigils for the Wrathion questline. Without those elements, I would have run it once or a few times to see the content. I have actually sold all gear drops I've got, somehow it would feel wrong to wear an item marked with "Raid Finder". Perhaps I'll make an exception should a sha-touched weapon drop

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    Gear up and see content.

    I'm in a very casual guild, in a group that only started a month or two ago. We're just about to start progress on Garalon (which was where I got to with my previous raiding group), so I've still not seen Amber Shaper Un'Sok onwards and ToES outside of Raid Finder yet. I have every faith we will at least get to see every encounter on Normal and maybe even a few on Heroic eventually, but it's still going to be some time. Especially since we keep adjusting our roster....

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    I use it to gear up, primarily. Typically, to get trinkets and fill in tier slots.

    If there are fights that have mechanics that benefit from practice-- the tornadoes on Blade Lord, for example-- I'll run through those a time or two for content's sake.

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    Extra chance at upgrades. I stop doing LFR when I don't need the gear.

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    I use it just to gear up and for entertainment purposes. Imo there IS no LFR community and I see that as a good thing. I hate the wow community and everything Blizzard has done to destroy it I have welcomed with open arms. The less I have to talk to some of these arrogant dipshits, the better.

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    Well I guess I have to go with gear up and see the content.
    Mainly I do it to get valor in, since I am through with all the factions and take a break from dailies. The gear is not so to have competitive raiding gear, since I am sorta through with raiding at committed level. I grew tired of that virtual theme park sequence of the game. So I gear up to breeze through dailies easier, and the like.
    Still I want to see the content, in regards of walking through the raid places, and see what designer job was done. The actual fights in the raids are just a necessity I simply have to put up with to look around and enjoy the scenery in there.
    Maybe, one day, I find that inner fire again for more serious raiding, but I seriously doubt that.
    Right now I find the sheer thought of leveling 10 new toons from scratch more interesting than raiding committed every week repeatedly. The 10 toons I will keep around, the gear from the raids, I will throw away again. Hence why LFR is sufficient for me, and for now.

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