View Poll Results: Why do you use the LFR?

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  • To gear up

    38 31.93%
  • To see the content

    4 3.36%
  • To gear up and see the content

    67 56.30%
  • I never do LFR

    10 8.40%
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    To get valors.

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    To gear up and see content, more gear than instance-tourism after the first few runs of course, the results of this poll are hardly surprising TBH.

    I'm glad LFR is there, i don't raid with a guild (Prefer to play when i want to instead of the time other people decide for me :P ), so now i get to see the content and progress my character in a way that doesn't involve chain-farming heroics for VPs, the attitude of people in LFR can be... let's call it "Caustic", but so far it's no worse than 5-mans have been for years...

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    I do it to have some fun. Isn't that that point?

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    To gear up and practice my dps
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    the lfr gear wasnt as good as valor gear in either cata or mists so any gear i get from it is temporary and will be replaced with either valor or normal/heroic gear so i mostly use it to see the content and experience the lore in lfr i dont have to GO GO GO and dont feel pressured to do my best so i can focus on what the npcs are saying and the actual story of the raid.

    so i do it to see the content and get the legendary sigils
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    I do it for the legendary quest since I raided on my shaman first but now our guild stoped raiding so I went back on my druid.

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    Well, I was a heroic raider up until DS, and now decided that I was done burning myself out doing fights twice for better quality epics, so now I just do LFR, allows me to progress through gear and spend some time, while freeing up more time for the wife and kids, so I guess I do it for loot and content, I probably wouldn't be playing right now if it wasn't for LFR/LFD/RBG
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    I do it for fun
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    LFR is mainly for the baddie who stands on fire.

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    To gear up and see the content. As a retired raider, with to much time spent in my daytime job. I like the content to be simple and timed when i want to play it

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    for the valor points.. where is that option?
    Also where is the "for fun" option,why can't we do stuff for fun in this game anymore why do people always expect some type of reward. It's a game and I play it for fun why is that so difficult to understand?
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    To gear up and see the content. It's nice to get a chance to see the raids, and get sort of a "sneak peak" at what the bosses will be like, and a few extra drops to fill in missing spots until you get a proper piece is a pretty good bonus. Since I've finished up most of my faction grinds, it's probably my saving grace as far as capping valor goes. Plus, I just think its fun, since its a non-serious multiplayer setting. It gives you a chance to show off a little, and to benchmark your performance against others.

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    Fun, content and gear, in that order. I usually quit doing it after 4-5 times, as repeating the same thing over and over again isn't fun, not even when you get gear. There's plenty of other stuff to do then bore myself to death
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