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    Guild Wars 2 Lore

    I know next to nothing on GW lore. I played GW1 briefly but didn't enjoy it so I entered GW2 only knowing it's set a few thousand years later. Where's best place to educate myself on all things GW?

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    Well it's actually just 250 years later. If you want a concise place to read all of the lore then the wiki is your best place. But you can also learn it in game with the books around plus if you pay attention to what the NPC's say (the scouts, heart renowns npcs, and general npc chatter), and read general stuff around the world (like the plaques on statues) it will give you the lore there. While it's not quite as good at giving you the lore as the missions and quests did in GW1 it still does a fairly decent job of explaining it.

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    Here is a good place to start if you want to go in deeper than talking with the NPCs and reading the books and plaques located throughout the game.

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