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    Now I don't want to say that lotr mmo sucks, I just feel that there should a new game with very good graphic(like crytec 3 engine) and it should be really epic. It should also introduce new gameplay style(something like in Tera maybe), gore, blood, new really huge battles(like in movies) , world pvp, maybe even free loot. What do you guys think?
    I think you aren´t quite sure what you really want, or what would make a good game. Throwing out general terms like "really epic" isn´t very descriptive, and neither is the rest. More like ideas to work with sure, but its not something that really shows what you want.

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    IM tired of hearing this excuse. Someone needs to step up and just do it. Im sick and tired of developers catering to cheap asses who refuse to upgrade their PCs and little kids with no money. Make a graphically gorgeous game and screw the cheapaskates
    Then get right on it then. If you are tired of that excuse then you shouldn´t have one either for getting off the couch and start programming etc.
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    I've tried LOTRO a few times. It just never felt right to me. Honestly its been ages since I've played WoW too. So maybe not an MMO kind of game but I would certainly buy a single-player one if it was as sandboxish as Skyrim.
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    Lotro has all the makings of a good MMO. But it's plagued with little problems and niggles that make the overall experience unenjoyable.

    -Engine feels dated. Clunky and unresponsive.
    -Combat feels slow comparative to other games.
    -Not a lot of UI customisation in game. I know there's add ons, but a game should be fully enjoyable with the default UI. Lotro's default UI is missing a lot of elements that come as standard in other games.
    -Feels very samey as most western MMOs. If you've played wow/rift/swtor/aoc/wh etc you've played lotro.
    -The store is shoved in your face every 2 minutes.

    There's other things like, repetitive questing, same old crafting, cumbersome deed/trait system.

    I would definitely welcome a new LoTR mmo/sandbox game that isn't a crappy movie tie-in cash grab.
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