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    [US - Eldre'Thalas - A] Amaranth Knights (10/25M, 16/16 N, 3/16 HM) LFM!

    Hi all!

    Amaranth Knights is a guild that formed in the middle of Burning Crusade, and is still raiding to this day! The atmosphere in this guild is that we're focused on progressing through end-game content, while keeping things fun. We take great joy in being able to raid with each other, and to work on bosses that we've never experienced. Our 25M team is currently working on Sha of Fear, while our 10M team is 16/16 on Normal, and has taken down everything up to Garaj'al on heroic.

    And we are also looking to expand our guild, and our server's community. Hence why we are starting up the Academy once again. Before I elaborate on the details, here's a bit of background; back in Cataclysm, we had this same desire, but there was only two problems. We couldn't take more than 25 people into raids, and we found ourselves turning down applications to the guild from players who showed potential, but weren't at the level we needed for our progression teams. However, we could develop a program to help people obtain gear and raiding experience so that they could get there. That is exactly what we did; we started up an Academy, and assigned guild members to become class mentors. Every Saturday, we successfully formed 25M raids comprised of guild members on their alts, and Academy members.

    Many of the people who came into the Academy ended up being part of our main raiding team.

    On our past Academy runs in Cataclysm, we've cleared Madness on 25M-Normal, and were 3/8 HM. When MoP was announced, we decided to temporarily pause the Academy in order to give everyone a fair chance to cement their spot in the main team. Now that we have a solid raiding core; we are looking to give you an opportunity!

    The Academy is open to everyone; we only require that you expect to maintain a 75% attendance rate in case we deem you ready and able to obtain a spot with the 25M team, and for you to be fully gemmed/enchanted to obtain a spot in our Academy runs. The Academy raids every Saturday, from 9:45 to 1:30 EST.

    We also have class mentors ready to assist you in every aspect of character optimization. We will show you how to reforge properly, we will discuss talents/glyphs, theorize about the best possible rotations, and give you advice on how to handle boss encounters better!

    If you are interested, please check us out at www.amaranthknights.com and read the Academy section of our forums. If you can meet the requirements and think that we are a fit for you, then fill out an application form on the website. If you need more details, then please add my battletag: audist#1115. You can also send an in-game mail to Kagari, Immergent, or Squarn, and we'll walk you through everything and help you with the application form. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,
    Kagari, Recruiter of <Amaranth Knights>
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    Our 25M team has killed Garalon on our second attempt last night! We are constantly getting better with hard work, and I am happy to remind you that the Academy is still open to all. Please add my battletag, audist#1115 for more details!

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    Mel'jarak is down on 25M, and we've also cleared HF and killed Protectors using the kill order to get elite loot on 10M. We are still looking for Hunters, Shamans, a Retadin, a Mistweaver Monk, 1-2 Druids (feral/resto/boom) for our main team. Our Academy is open to those that are looking to experience raiding while learning their class!

    We have also set aside a server transfer fund to help people with the cost of changing servers; if you are interested, please check the OP for information on how to contact us!

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    Our 25M team is at Empress, and our 10M has progressed rapidly through TES. We are expecting a Sha of Fear kill on 10M this weekend! Our main team is still looking for Hunters, Druids, and exceptional apps. Our Academy is also open to all; please read the OP for more details!

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    Our 10M has killed Sha of Fear on normal last Sunday, and our 25M is looking to replicate that success. We are still looking to fill a couple more spots. Please see OP for more details or contact me!

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    Everything except for Sha of Fear is down on 25M, and our 10M team has blazed a path through Heroic MV; taking down Feng and Garaj'al!

    25M team still looking to fill spots, and the Academy is always open!

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