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    It's almost unavoidable: most people change (slowly over time) from helpful clueless newbie type having fun trying out different things and probably failing a lot (and accepting it) to an experienced skilled player who simply won't accept dumb mistakes or bad performance anymore from other players.

    Happens in all games as far as I can tell. I used to play Quake 3 and Starcraft 1 extensively before WoW and the same shit happened - community got WAY more skilled on average but also WAY more arrogant and intolerant to newbies in the process.

    Because once you stop being a newbie you start playing in a different "league" and expect the players you play with to not be significantly worse than you yourself are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninaran View Post
    Yeah, there was the occasional douchebag. But LFR, LFD and CRZ gave them the massive playground they needed. I agree with OP. Game is better than before, the community just sucks.. or what's left of it.
    Occasional douche? I would say my ''Looking For'' experiences have contained far fewer douchebags since these newer systems were put in place. But that would be because this is anecdotal and not in anyway biased/selective.

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    I remember when rock was young.

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    Start of WotLK can hardly be called "during WotLK", that's like saying slurpy is an overall good drink judging only by first sips.
    Mind your tone will you? Here are the facts:

    What exactly happened in 2009? Whole Acti-Blizz merger and casual direction mess. Now ask yourself how would it be if the blizzard kept updating like it did but kept it philosophy from start. LFD/LFR with consequences for bad behaviour, same for CRZ, Telling players to simply man up and conquer the content just like in TBC? Somehow the subscriptions kept rising during those dark cruel times. How is that?
    1.) Its certainly more Wrath than it is BC.

    2.) I get really tired of this "LULZ WRATH OF THE CASUALS" nonsense. Wrath saw the highest number of subscribers. Wrath is credited as having one of, if not the best, raid dungeons ever (Ulduar). There is example after example that Wrath is what people wanted. Perhaps it was tuned a tad too easy, yes. That is why Cataclysm became harder (But still not as hard as BC), and people rejected it. People sub when a new game is immediately coming out. That is what the uptick is at the "end" of BC.

    Perhaps YOU should get your facts right.

    and I played back then and this was just true. There were always some guilds or two who were universally hated and avoided, and they were not exceptions of the rule. You either grew apathethic and played with whatever came up with little respect for your leisure time or you are vastly overestimating the power of alianation.
    Again, exceptions to the rule. Outliers. Although I like how you immediately suggest that its because I have no respect for myself or my leisure time. Awesome argumentative strategy dude.

    with more than ever? Could you correct that because it doesnt make sense? with more with whom? with what? If you meant playing more with each other then I think you confused played "with each other" and "next to each other". That's a HUGE difference.

    and players mostly played with people they knew through guilds or friend lists. GREAT! ISNT THAT THE POINT OF SOCIALIZING IN MMORPGS?!
    I am saying that there were more subscribers in Wrath than BC. This is a fact. I am saying that LFR caused people to play with more people than just on their server. This is a fact (And something you were bitching about in a previous post). Just because you're randomly adding in qualifications based on absolutely nothing doesn't mean what's actually happened. I do enjoy, though, how you take the negative interactions with people in LFR and extend that to the whole service.

    Because, you know, people NEVER were assholes when you only grouped up with them on their server.

    Regardless of what your personal opinion is about a dungeon finder, people want it. People wanted it so bad that when SWTOR purposefully did NOT put it in initially, the backlash was amazing, and they then added it. Anecdotes (Which are essentially all of the 'complaints' from LFR/LFD come down to) are not scientific evidence. Sorry.

    That's not bashing. That's stating the truth, you're just hipster enough to make it look like it's bad.
    Hipster? Hardly. I'm just not warping the past to fit my narrative.

    The only time the greater populace of WoW doesn't act like complete assholes is when things are new and undiscovered. The early game of WoW and the beginning of each expansion are the only times this really happens, and it's because everybody is on roughly even ground.
    This person has it exactly correct.
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    Ill prob never read the response to this post but as a nov 2004 subscriber.

    1. The community is gone, before the community was never top notch but it was relevant. And they all wernt whining.

    2. In vanilla being in a reputable guild meant something, now i can only name maybe 4 guilds on my server at the top of my head, cant name any of there gm's.

    3. Lots of people didn't like vanilla because raiding was NOT accessible to everybody. I got REALLY lucky and got a spot in a 40 man guild who was very good and consistent. However, i did notice that a lot of other players did not get that same opportunity.

    4. PvP was kind of a joke, i got to rank 12 (general) and if i would of gotten any further i would have to given up my job.

    5. Just overall realm presence, feels like im on a realm with abunch of random people, whereas before i knew people from random world bosses/ or dungeon runs that we did because there wasnt crossrealm

    6. A very elite few controlled the AH

    7. The epicness is just gone. Its gone forever. Play vanilla on a private server or just enjoy the remnant of once a great game.

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    7. The epicness is just gone. Its gone forever. Play vanilla on a private server or just enjoy the remnant of once a great game.
    That's called nostalgia and no game will ever be able to recreate nostalgia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyK923 View Post
    That's called nostalgia and no game will ever be able to recreate nostalgia.
    I wouldn't call it 100% nostalgia. Ive been playing vanilla on a private server recently and i can honestly say its a better MMO. Its grindy, sure, but its not anything compared to everquest. Everybody wants a MMO to be like fable these days, just get free shit and make your character awesome with minimal effort. Thats the new age of MMO's. If WoW came out today it wouldnt be near as popular(not that it was really that popular in 2005 anyway)

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    Oh, come on. We all really know the truth. The truth is this: people are not nice and caring. And, given the chances, anyone will be an ass. Because being an ass is much, much more simplier and tends to give more profit.
    Want an example? Sure. Disenchanting. While playing my enchanter in TBC, I was always telling to my random party that I'm an enchanter and I can d\e unneeded loot with further rolling shards. Sometimes people disagree, but mostly they agreed. And I never ninjaed shards, always fair rolls and trades to winners. Then comes d/e button. And I started to see people just needing items for mats for themselves. So what am I doing now? Right. Needing items I can for d/e for mats for myself. Why do I do that? Because why I shouldn't? If I won't need item, another enchanter in party would anyway. I'm not a ninja, nor an ass, I am a nice and polite person. And this is only one example.
    People all over the world with every year tend to become more greedy, selfish and arrogant and less caring. Because caring in modern world gives nothing.

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