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    Anyone getting extreme lag in So7S?

    1st off, not sure if this is the appropriate forum, so if you have to move that's fine.

    In the past two weeks or so, I really have made a habit to avoid going to Shrine if at all possible. My computer is approx 9 months old and can run 10m on ultra settings while streaming with litte problems. Yet for some reason, running thru Shine absolutely demolishes my FPS. I wish I could blame it on recount holding a lot of data, but it seems to happen regardless.

    To give you an idea, the addons I run are Elvui, PhoenixStyle, Recount, Weakauras, DBM, Omen, and couple other addons that use less than 300kb memory. All told around 15 mb of memory in use, which any other zone is not a problem.

    Any ideas?

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    I think its one of your addons, I have this problem intermittently, relogging fixes it

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    It could be a sound card issue. Try turning off your sound the next time it happens.

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