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    Ideal raid comp and beginning ilvl for MoP raiding?

    I have been tasked to start recruitment for a second 10M raiding group for my guild. For thread purposes lets say that I am the only player in the group so far, a protection paladin. If you were in charge of building a group list your ideal 10M, along with a class that you could use instead to replace if finding that class wasn't going very well. This group would progress through all of current MoP content so keep that in mind without much switching in and out.

    You current class/spec, and the MT is a Prot Paladin. Start building!
    What ilvl would be required to start in MV fresh?

    I've been out of the raid leading, for that matter raiding game for awhile but mine would be:

    MT: Prot Paladin
    OT: Brewmaster Monk
    Heal: Holy Paladin
    Heal: Resto Druid
    DPS: Affliction Warlock (or Hunter since warlocks are rare)
    DPS: Arcane Mage
    DPS: Shadow Priest
    DPS: Elemental Shaman
    DPS: Fury Warrior
    DPS: Assassination Rogue (or Death Knight since rogues are rare)

    Would I need to 3 heal? My guild does it but ive read where it's not necessary.

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    You can start raiding MSV with 460 - 470 ilvl if you wish. It's pretty easy anyways. The tanks might just take a bit more extra damage, but if they can play it shouldn't be a problem.

    Also, threehealing is as viable as twohealing. Even though twohealing takes more gear/skill and composition of the raid.
    Though, some fights require three healers in the start, as it's madness otherwise. But basically all the bosses in MSV can be twohealed (Feng aswell, if the tanks does their jobs), the only fight I've had problem twohealing is Will of the Emperor.

    Your list seems rather good, just slap that Elemental shaman an healing OS and you're good to go :P
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    What ilvl would be required to start in MV fresh?
    About 460 (getting closer to 470 will make elegon way easier though), easily acquired hours after dinging 90.

    Would I need to 3 heal? My guild does it but ive read where it's not necessary.
    You can easily (and imo. most of the time preferably) clear all of the norm and most of the hc modes using two healers, but some fights will be very hard or even impossible (empress) without using more.

    Trying to form an 'ideal' raidcomp isn't really practical since (assuming that the setup is at least decent) individual skill, attitude, attendance, well most things, are far more important. If I'd make one (just for fun, seriously, find other things to base your group around) it'd probably look something like this (just disregarding the, obviously massive, gear issues:P):
    Prot(fury) warrior
    Prot paladin
    Disc priest
    Holy paladin
    Elemental(resto) shaman
    Arcane(frost/fire) mage
    4 Affliction(demo) locks

    If we include gear, maybe something like this:
    Prot(fury) warrior
    Prot paladin
    Disc priest
    Holy paladin
    Assa(combat) Rogue
    Affliction(demo) lock
    Arcane(frost/fire) mage
    Fury warrior
    Elemental(resto) shaman.
    Balance druid.

    Excluding the elemental and balance you're still stacked with top performers for each role, all buffs covered (even if your shaman specs resto for fights) and a very good gear spread (even for the tokens) allowing you to gear up quickly.

    Regarding your setup it's perfectly fine, in theory having a warrior (block+utility) over a brewmaster might be slightly superior, healing wise resto druids aren't in the best spot right now, shadow priests share gear with affliction locks while simply dealing less dps (since your buffs are covered anyways). Again though, as long as your group has most of the buffs covered and aren't way too heavy on melee you aren't at a significant disadvantage and able to clear all the content.
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