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    1.6.3a Patch Notes

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    1.6.3a Patch Notes
    Cartel Market
    • The following armor sets will no longer incorrectly list helmet as part of the set description:
      • Sanctified Caretaker Armor Set
      • Malevolent Interrogator Armor Set
      • Clandestine Officer Armor Set
      • Interstellar Privateer Armor Set
      • Valiant Jedi Armor Set
      • Sith Raider Armor Set

    Flashpoints and Operations
    • Taral V: Players will no longer be prevented from completing this Flashpoint on the step "Defeat General Edikar."


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    ah the famous patch for the patch we have been accustomed to. Glad they fixed taral v was so mad about that bug yesterday

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    Huzzah for them properly advertising the appearance gear now. No clue who green lit the images to include items that weren't part of the set. That was dumb : (

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    Best news is the companion light saber bug is finally fixed!

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