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    Keybind question.

    Keep in mind I am a complete clicker from early bc, once i acually had freedom bound to my r key on my pally felt pretty leet. My question is i wanna key bind sooo bad but i just really wanna keep wasd for movement and my home keys i guess you could say, so can i still use this setup to build up my binds? does anyone else do this? or is that just dumb for me to do? and if ts ok then what are the easiest keys around that to be using? also i dont know how to type without looking if that matters any in this.

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    You should invest in an MMO mouse. You would have the functionality of being a clicker, and having keybinds. I see that as being the easiest way.

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    Don't even need an MMO mouse, just a multibutton (a 5 button will work adequately, when you consider the use of modifier keys)

    You can keep the WASD for movement (I keep WQES, personally) and use the #1-5/6 keys (depending on whats most comfortable for you), plus the QE (or AD if you're like me) RFC, and Shift/Alt modifiers. Most of us keep the movement keys for "just in case" moments.

    Also bear in mind that you really really really don't need to bind every single ability. A lot of abilities can be stuck on the bar and clicked (buffs, longer CDs, certain situational abilities), since you've freed up your mouse from clicking through your rotation.

    And as far as the whole "can't type without looking" part goes, it's just something you kinda have to work through. Start small. Bind your main rotation to the #1-5 keys, and just focus on that, until you get it without having to look at the keyboard. It takes some time and a little practice. After you get comfortable, start adding more and more buttons, until you're as keybound as you want to be. This is without a doubt the hardest part of learning to keybind, since it requires breaking long-set-in habits, but just stick to it, and after awhile, you'll be mouse moving, keybound, and wondering how you ever did things before.
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    One thing that will make it a lot easier for you is modifier macros. You should try to learn how to use these and play a bit with it, you'll love it! Basically what they do is let you have more than one skill on the same button, saving you a lot of space.

    A very simple example is:
    /cast [mod:shift] Eviscerate; Sinister Strike

    Let's say you bind this macro to the letter "E". Whenever you press it you'll cast Sinister Strike, but if you hold SHIFT while pressing it you'll cast Eviscerate instead.

    There are more stuff you can do with it (#showtooltip and @mouseover for example), but this is a good starting point for you to play around with keybinds.

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